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Moonrise Over Antarctica

On a trip to Antarctica a few years ago we were sailing in a channel between two large mountains photographing feeding humpback whales.  It was a wonderful evening with photo opportunities of the starboard and port bows.  I was at the stern of the ship and heard a lot of shouts coming from the bow.  Something must be happening.  A few seconds later, as we moved forward, we got the glimpse of the moon rising next to this mountain.  The sky was pink, magenta and the snow had a special color to it.  It was a great look, and I got great shots.  You know it’s good when the captain of the ship comes out and turns the ship in a circle so he can take a picture with his point and shoot.

A month ago from this post I revisited my images.  I loved this shot and decided I needed to see it in BW.  Thus, I worked on the BW conversion.  This is what I got.  I tuned it for dark sky’s and subtle grays.  It kind of reminds me of an Ansel Adams photo.

Hope you like it.

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Something Small From Something Big

This is an image at the bottom of one of Iceland’s largest waterfalls, Seljalandsfoss.  I have been to this location dozens of times.  I have photographed from every angle.  Because it is so big as a photographer, I usually try to get the whole waterfall in.  I do my blurry time exposures.  I get it with morning and sunset light.  I go behind the waterfall and get low and sometimes climb the hill to get a high short.  But, am I seeing it all.

In the last few years I have been putting on my 100-400mm Sony lens and now looking for the picture in the picture.  In this case, there was something beautiful going on, as the waterfall would turn into a mist and gently land on the tricks at the bottom of the fall.  There was a whole other landscape taking place here.  The delicate moss, the miniature waterfalls flowing through this moss, and amazing detail you could never see unless you looked at it through a long lens.

So, next time you are out, look at the big landscape and then start looking for the smaller landscape inside the shot.  Picture in a picture.  I have a 24×24 inch print of this hanging in my hallway.  It always stops people as they explore all the detail.  Print it out.

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Lemaire Channel Pano

Any long time reader here knows that Antarctica is my favorite place.  I have been there over 20 times and do a trip or two a year.  We were lucky to get the trip this year in February before everything shut down.  One of the favorite locations in Antarctica to experience is the Lemaire channel.  This a narrow channel between two large mountains is a highlight of Antarctica travel. On a trip a few years ago I did a 30 exposure pano of the channel showing both ends.  as the ship was moving forward I set up my camera in a vertical position and turned the drive to low.  I then set my first exposure at the end of the channel from where we began and then panned right while the camera was on auto-drive.  This made a lot of exposures to blend but assured I would have enough for good overlaps and creating the pano.  The pano was made in photoshop.  I think this a unique image of a popular location, thus accomplishing what I always like to do is finding a different way to see something that so many people photograph.

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Chile Soldiers


While in Punta Arenas I was taking a nap in mid-afternoon when I heard drums and trumpets.  I looked out the window looking over the town square and saw soldiers marching through the street.  I grabbed my camera and rushed out of the hotel and found there was a changing of the colors ceremony going on.  So, I spent an hour shooting the ceremony and this is one of the shots I liked.  I used a 100-400mm zoom on my Sony a7riv.  I changed and did wide-angle shots and covered this event from multi-angles.  It was a good exercise.  I just like this image as it was defining without showing faces.  What do you think?

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Door Handle Abstracts

truck door

I spend a lot of my time looking for new and interesting images by framing things we see every day and putting a frame around them.  On my trip to the Palouse last June, I spent a lot of time looking at abandoned things and especially cars and trucks.  This image was taken through a driver’s side window of an old truck and then I did a little post-processing magic.  I love the texture and that it takes a minute to figure out what you are looking at.  I have a few more like this that I will publish soon.


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Zion 1

A few months ago I was in Zion National Park.  Zion is one of my favorite parks to photograph in.  It’s also one of the hadrest.  I went the first week of November and was surprised at how crowded the park was.  I understand you don’t even want to visit in the summer.  The only way around the park is by bus.  So, you are the mercy of bus schedules as well as bus stops.  At one time when you could drive a car in the park you could stop at all the great location, work from the car and then move to the next location.

These two shots were shot from the infamous Zion bridge.  I usually avoid the bridge as it is a very iconic photo that I have shot many times.  However, crossing the bridge this time I couldn’t help but see how nice the light was.  It was different. So, I jumped on the bridge found a spot amonst about 40 photogaphers caught my shot and looked behind me to see another.  I walk across the brdge and did another shot.  I followed my rule in the field.  Always be looking around, especially behind you.  Many on the bridge that night did not see the second shot.

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Picture In The Picture

In my last post I spoke of looking around you to make sure you don’t miss the shot.  Today I want to encourage you to look into the landscape.  Put a lonh lens on your camera and explore the elements that make up the shot.  I have been doing this a lot lately and come out with beautiful images.  This ius part of the Grand Canyon visia in UT.  I did my wide shots with the wider angle lenses and then put a 100-400mm lens on my Sony.  Zoomed all the way to 400mm I loooked around the landscape and he image above is one of the many elements I cme across.

I hv done this for the last year and found I am getting some beutiful results.

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I’m Back From Greenland

Wow, what a trip.  I’m now home from Greenland.  I leave again on Monday for another trip but today I wanted to post some photos from our first day of the trip.  Before we left Svalbard we had a day to explore.  I photographed Walrus and Arctic Fox.  These images are just two from an amazing session shooting these fox.  There were five of them and one caught a bird and took off from the others.  These little guys are amazingly fast.  I shot these with the new Sony a9 and 100-400mm GM lens. Auto-focus was amazing and I set the camera on manual at 1000th sec.  the ISO was set on auto.  This method allowed me to freeze action and allowed the ISO to vary for the light.

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Lofoten Begins

I just returned from nearly two weeks in Lofoten, Norway.  It was an interesting trip.  I was an instructor along with Art Wolfe and Ignacio Palacios with 18 photographers.  The weather was challenging and even more challenging were all the other photographers.  I am really re-thinking how I do my workshops in the future as there are so many photographers offering workshops these days and all of them are going to the same places.  I am asking myself why.  I used to have a spot to myself and now there can literally be 50 plus photographers all trying to get to one position.  Add on to that the boom in Asian tourists who have no clue and walk right into the shots and it’s not getting to be any fun anymore.  In any case, I walked away with a series of images that are different than most and then again like the image above iconic like everyone else.  So over the coming days look for more Lofoten images.