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Iceberg So Simple

Iceberg, Antarctica

This has been one of my favorite shots from many years.  Something about the angles, color and the fact that this was an iceberg.  Photographed from a ship in Antarctic I used a long lens to shoot close up sections of the iceberg.  This is blue and smooth because the ocean just keeps splashing on it and the water running off of it smooths it out.  I love the colors and the fact that nature created this and that this iceberg is long gone.

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Hurricane Ridge Weathered Tree

Weathered Tree - Olympic National Park

I keep coming back to Olympic National Park.  Have done a number of trips there and I will be leading a workshop there this fall.  While most people see this ridge called Hurricane Ridge from the parking lot, I decided to see a ridge I saw off in the distance and thus traveled a very rough road out to a farther ridge.  along the way on the top of the ridge were testaments to the battle trees fight to make their stance on this ridge.  There are small hearty evergreens with deep roots and then there are the ones like in this photo that fought the battle and lost.  Now they are at the mercy of the winds and nature and while dead take on a whole new look as natures wears them down.

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Iceland Land Of Such Beauty

Creek and waterfalls, Iceland

In May of this year I am leading another Phase One PODAS workshop to the beautiful country of Iceland.  This is a magnificent country with such beauty it is hard to describe but easy to appreciate.  Even the horses are art.  This shot was done on one of the main roads around Iceland.  here are a lot of spots like this so it is hard to get too far without wanting to jump out of the car and shoot another image.  If you are interested in going me on my workshop you can learn more information HERE.

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Mt. McKinley A Magnificent Sight

Mt. McKinley, Denali National PArk

There a re a few mountain peaks that grab big attention.  Peaks that you can see from far away.  Peaks that you are driving hours to get to you can see and it seems you are not getting any closer.  In Denali National Park there is a peak that hides itself behind clouds much of the time.  A few years ago while visiting one of my sons stationed at Fort Richardson and teaching  workshop I was able to get this shot.  Sunset at Denali.  I have a lot of other images from Denali too.  Grizzlies, a Lynx, mountain goes.  The place is a photographer paradise.

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Iceberg at Sunrise

Iceberg, Antarctica

Well you may have noticed that I have not made posts for several days.  I was quite busy when in Copenhagen setting up all the infrastructure for this years PODAS workshops.  We managed to set up three new workshops as well as take care of a lot of planning and a marketing plan for that will be an excellent workshop series this year.    Todays image was made several hers ago while cruising Antarctica.  The sky for several hours just stayed a purple color as the sun just set below the horizon but it never got dark.  Kind of like a sunset that turns into sunrise in a matter of 90 minutes.  Anyway today was a cold day when I awoke so I though it to be a good iceberg day.


Made It To Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Nyhavan canal

Well, I made it to Copenhagen today.  Didn’t get bumped up to business class on this trip, so I rode with the folks in the back. Made it though, but tired and have been suffering all day to stay awake so I could get a real solid nights sleep and wake up on the new time some tomorrow. I’ll be at the Phase One offices for this week in meetings and doing planning for upcoming PODAS workshops. The week will go fast. To help alleviate my jet lag I took a photo walk about this afternoon. Cold day but the sun was peeking through the clouds so I got a few good images. Took a break halfway and enjoyed an Irish Coffee. Copenhagen is such a civilized city. This is a shot of the canal in Nyhavan, where there is usually a big party going on. The place in the summer is solid with people and outdoor cafes. Not today. I’ll have more Denmark pictures as the week goes forth.

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The Washington Coast

Ruby Beach, Washington, Olympic National Park

The coastline of washington state is very beautiful.  Much of it in the northern part of the state is part of the Olympic National Park.  This is a shot done from one of the beaches.  I believe this is Ruby beach.  This past weekend when I was there it was raining and foggy for most  of the time.  I did get one good hour though and this is the shot.  I am going to resurrect a shot done a few years ago and post it tomorrow from third beach.  Stay tuned for that.