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Moonrise Over Antarctica

On a trip to Antarctica a few years ago we were sailing in a channel between two large mountains photographing feeding humpback whales.  It was a wonderful evening with photo opportunities of the starboard and port bows.  I was at the stern of the ship and heard a lot of shouts coming from the bow.  Something must be happening.  A few seconds later, as we moved forward, we got the glimpse of the moon rising next to this mountain.  The sky was pink, magenta and the snow had a special color to it.  It was a great look, and I got great shots.  You know it’s good when the captain of the ship comes out and turns the ship in a circle so he can take a picture with his point and shoot.

A month ago from this post I revisited my images.  I loved this shot and decided I needed to see it in BW.  Thus, I worked on the BW conversion.  This is what I got.  I tuned it for dark sky’s and subtle grays.  It kind of reminds me of an Ansel Adams photo.

Hope you like it.

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