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Greenland Green Ice

I have been photographing lots of icebergs for the last 12 years and never have I seen an iceberg that looks like this.  We were miles away and saw this green and blue iceberg and asked the captain to drive us towards it.  He obliged and I was able to shoot a ton of images of this beast.  I used the Sony a9 and 100-400mm G Master lens to catch both the whole iceberg and close=ups.  I worked to find the picture in the picture.  The abstract of this ice was just beautiful.


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I’m Back From Greenland

Wow, what a trip.  I’m now home from Greenland.  I leave again on Monday for another trip but today I wanted to post some photos from our first day of the trip.  Before we left Svalbard we had a day to explore.  I photographed Walrus and Arctic Fox.  These images are just two from an amazing session shooting these fox.  There were five of them and one caught a bird and took off from the others.  These little guys are amazingly fast.  I shot these with the new Sony a9 and 100-400mm GM lens. Auto-focus was amazing and I set the camera on manual at 1000th sec.  the ISO was set on auto.  This method allowed me to freeze action and allowed the ISO to vary for the light.