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Open House

The Team at the Gallery

The team is all here.  We had a terrific open house at the gallery this past Friday and Saturday.  We had a ton of people visit us and it was a good time to talk photography with our many visitors as well as make some good sales. In this photo is Michael Durr our videographer, Debra-Fadely Raber and yours truly.  Michale made this image with the Insta 360, a new camera we have been testing for an upcomig review on our new website

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Buffalo City Fireboat, showing off its water canon

On one of my trips to Silo City which is a Grain Silo complex in Buffalo, NY I had the chance to ride a Buffalo fireboat.  For me, this was really cool as I was a firefighter for 26 years.  We took this fireboat out to the inlet that drew in the water for the water processing plant in Buffalo, NY.  You have seen and will see more images of this facility in my blog here.  So, while on the fireboat I took the opportunity to photograph everything there was.  This is one of those images.  I like the stream of water, the rainbow and then the curve of the bow of the ship.


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Screw It Rust

Rusty Screw in Antarctica

Any of you have been following me for a while know that I enjoy shooting rust.  Many call me a rushaholic and that could be true.  I love the color of rust and texture.  This image I shot on Deception Island in the Antarctica region.  There is the best rust ever in the polar regions.  This shot was made at an old whaling station and shot with a Nikon Z7.

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Mighty Polar Bear

I’m all about Polar Bears.  I have been photographing them for years mainly in Svlabard, Norway.  This ismage was made from a. Zodiac while tracking the bear along the shore line.  II’m heading to Russia this summer to a new location to see if I can photograph a lot of bears with cubs.  These animals are in extreme danger due to climate change.

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Japanese Owls

Owls, Hokkaido, Japan

A few months ago I visited Hokkaido, Japan to lead a small workshop of photographers.  it was a great experience and I have to say Hokkaido is an amazingly beautiful region.  I look forward to returning someday in the future.  This image was made with the Fuji Xt3 and 100-400mm lens with a 1.4 extender on it.

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Greenland Imensity

I travel to all the polar regions every year.  I have witnessed the changes taking place environmentally.  Still, no matter how many times I see it I am always amazed by the size of the icebergs in Greenland.  Look at this image and the sheer size of the iceberg dwarfing our ship.  Remember too that we are only seeing approximately 1/10th the iceberg as 9/10ths of it is underwater and in this case grounded on the bottom.  I return to Greenland this September with a group o 30 photographers for a workshop I am running as part of Rockhopperworkshops.

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Sad Sad Day

TOTALLY UNBELIEVABLE SADNESS has swept through our household since yesterday. Pixel and Lizzy two incredible cats that Debra and I adopted on the same day about 7 years ago both had to be put to sleep because of two different types of cancer on the same day. These cats were not only a big part of our household, but they were the household and we were privileged that they let us live with them.
The last year has been a crappy one for sure. There have been many losses in different forms. Losing two of our best furry friends in a day is totally not right. Especially for two creatures that did nothing but show us love every second they were alive. This morning we have one cat left and the three of us are together trying to wrap our heads around this tragedy. The grief comes in waves and it is so hard to process. Our eyes are sore and blurry from so many tears shed but our faces show smiles as we remember these two cats for how they changed our lives and shared so much love.
Debra and I will memorialize these two beautiful souls in a book so we can remember them. Needless to say, we have a ton of photos and videos and once we pass our grief we will remember them for the joy, happiness and incredible love they shared with both of us.
Sometime in the not so distant future we will adopt two more kittens and give them and Jupiter our other cat a place they can call their own and love them with all of our hearts.
Our photos will give us memories forever.
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New Orleans Cemetery

New Orleans Cemetery

New Orleans is one of Americas greatest cities.  It is unlike any other city as it has a deep history and has been through many challenges.  The city because it is so prone to flooding and has a very high water table elects to bury their dead above ground.  This image was made in one of the many cemeteries around the city.  I took the image into my iPad and used a few apps to give it a different look,