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Chicago Sky On Fire

Chicago at sunset

I am in Chicago until Tuesday hosting a photography workshop on Architecture Photography.  We have been having a blast shooting some beautiful sights and buildings.  You can follow our adventures at THE PODAS BLOG.  This was shot done two nights ago.  We had a magic twenty minutes where everything just lit up and the sun did wild things.  This was made with the iphone and then finished off in the iPad.  Didn’t do much except add a frame.  It was just one of those magical moments.  I have so many good images from this trip.  We did some dawn and sunset shots of the Chicago skyline as well as a number of very cool images.  I’ll post more as I can over the coming weeks.

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LOVE at The IMA, Indianapolis, IN

WOW, What a week. The company I work for Phase One has announced a whole new line of game changing digital camera backs.  The IQ180 is an 80megapixel capture with a revloutionary interface for working with the camera and has a ton of ultra cool features. I am proud that I have the only one in North America and have had the chance to shoot with it. The results are astounding.

I am now in San Miguel, Mexico visiting Michael Reichmann who is host of one of the web’s most popular photography sites. Michael is field testing the back this week along with a host of other notable reviewers. I head to San Francisco on Wednesday for several days there showing the back to a few VIP photographers.  Watch the blog for more information. You can read more about this back on Lumninous-Landscape forum as well as getDPI forum.

Today’s picture was shot with the NEW IQ180 at the Indianapolis Museum of Art on a very cold evening at dusk.  This camera back has a huge dynamic range and with a little work I was able to make an image that has a huge range of color and exposure. The file is huge 480 megbytes in size. I look forward to making a print when my travel schedule slows down a bit.

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More Like This Coming

As mentioned earlier the trip to Australia was real good. I have come back with many good images. The image above is a teaser of things to come. This a photo of an Aboriginal girl who posed for us in front of the Ayers Rock. This was shot with a P65. You can see the flies in here face and very sharp detail on her face. I’ll be making a large print of this one. Kind of a classic pose too. Hope you like it.