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Fishing In Mexico

About 4 years ago my friend Micahel Reichmann and I decided to travel and do a deep Mexico photo adventure.  I mean really deep and we went places that many Americans probably have not gone.  It was scary every now and then.  Most people were very friendly and it gave us a chance to see how special Mexico is in its beautiful landscape possibilities.  These two images were made near an area with a flooded lake and the fishermen were out in drives.  There was a real peace and serenity at this location.  We were fortunate enough to be high up on a hill shooting down so it gave. unique perspective.


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Orbison Gorge – Australia

orbiston Gorge

I have been to Australia a number of times.  It’s very far away and is a very long plane ride.  However, once you are there you will be treated to a beautiful country.  The people are incredibly friendly and the scenery is very versatile.   This location is near the center of the country.  This is a gorge which there a number of and they are usually in a canyon with water running through them.  I have a few images from this canyon.  One of these is a three-shot pano and the other is a single shot.


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Big Pipes

Inside the Buffalo Water Works

I love industrial; landscapes.  It’s just one more way to stretch my creativity and way of seeing.  So many photographers limit themselves to one specialty, and while that is fine, in my mind, it promotes the lack of seeing.  It doesn’t allow someone to get out of the woods and see the trees.  I enjoy mixing it up.  Every time I do I come back to thinks I like better not only refreshed but with a new vision.  These industrial landscapes are an example.  You need to see different to find good composition and lighting.  This was made at the Buffalo, NY waterworks.

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Shall We?


King penguins on South Georgia Island

So what do you think?  This is a special image.  It was made in the South Georgia Islands.  Two King Penguins just happened to be on the beach with a shipwreck in the background.  You see penguin couples often and you can think of a hundred different captions for a shot like this.  I shot it with a long lens with a wide aperture so I could soften the ship in the background.  By the way, the ship is a great example of gorgeous rust.  I have images of that I will share too. Hope you enjoy this image, who can’t like penguins?

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Patagonia Morning

Good Morning Patagonia

There is no question that Patagonia is a great place for landscape photographers.  This can be seen every day when you view social media.  Every photographer in the world seems to be heading there to shoot landscape images.  I have visited the location several times and yes, I will go back again.  The stunning landscape, sunsets and sunrises and the dynamic landscape make me want to stay there for months just to see what I may be missing.

This image was made on a two-day hike and was shot just after sunrise.

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The Eye

The Londo Eye

London offers unique opportunities for some cool cityscapes and street photography.  It also challenges a photographer to find a new way of seeing iconic sites.  The London Eye is not only a captivating icon of London, but also one photographed a thousand times a day.  I tend to always be looking at things differently and in this case, I found the chimneys of building working well with the London Eye to give a different kind of view.   I made two versions of this image.  One was straight black and white and the other I toned and added a texture.

Which one do you prefer?

The London Eye, Toned and Tectured


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Ship Wreck In Punta Arenas

I’m in Punta Arenas now (Jan. 31st) getting ready to fly out to Antarctica for a trip going south of the polar circle.  It’s a great trip and one always full of surprises.  while in Punta Arenas I like to vsit two different areas, the water front and the grave yard.  This was done on the waterfron abouta. mile outside of town.  This ship must have grounded itself there many years ago as each time I come here it is still here.

I shot this iamge from the top of the hill with a long lens to get a tight shot.  I love shooting tight and seeing the world in a different perspective.

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Zion 1

A few months ago I was in Zion National Park.  Zion is one of my favorite parks to photograph in.  It’s also one of the hadrest.  I went the first week of November and was surprised at how crowded the park was.  I understand you don’t even want to visit in the summer.  The only way around the park is by bus.  So, you are the mercy of bus schedules as well as bus stops.  At one time when you could drive a car in the park you could stop at all the great location, work from the car and then move to the next location.

These two shots were shot from the infamous Zion bridge.  I usually avoid the bridge as it is a very iconic photo that I have shot many times.  However, crossing the bridge this time I couldn’t help but see how nice the light was.  It was different. So, I jumped on the bridge found a spot amonst about 40 photogaphers caught my shot and looked behind me to see another.  I walk across the brdge and did another shot.  I followed my rule in the field.  Always be looking around, especially behind you.  Many on the bridge that night did not see the second shot.

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A Different Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon is an amazing natural wonder.  I have been there a number of times and have taken some really fine images.  However, I like to try and be different.  So, on my last visit I spent time looking for angles and photos unlike what I had done before.  I was successful and this is one of many I came away with. It’s one thing to see the shot it is another to be there when the light is right, so it took a few visits at different times of the day.

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Abandoned Farm House

One of the things that have always made the Palouse un to explore is the abandoned houses and trucks that can be found in many places.  Unlike other places, I visit it seems that a lot of times somewhere along the way folks just one day decided to pack some things and leave their homes.  it’s not uncommon to find homes that have been abandoned for 20 plus years.  Sometimes there is furniture and personal belongings in these homes.

The home above is one of these.  There were a barn and a garage with this home but they were burned down in 2017.  That is happening more and more too in the Palouse and is a who;e other stories. In any case, as a photographer, I like trying to capture these places and make the viewer ask what was the story?