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Magical Passage

Lemaire Channel - Antarctica

Lemaire Channel – Antarctica

There is one channel that is narrow and a favorite place to travel through on visits to Antarctica.  I have been through this passage a dizen or more time and each time it offers something unique.  This is a sunrise passage on a beautiful calm day.  The picture says it all.

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Why I Do What I Do

Polar Pioneer sitting on ice

Polar Pioneer sitting on ice

I love what I do just in case you haven’t figured that out.  I love adventure and the surprises each day brings.  Like in this image made in Antarctica.  There is something about being on the bridge of a ship when a Russian Captain smiles as he rams his ship onto an ice shelf and parks it there.  It’s even more fun to watch him back the ship off the ice shelf.  Every trip and every day on an Antarctica adventure has a special memory.