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Fun With The iPhone

Performing Arts Center, Carmel, IN

This image was shot yesterday.  The building is the Carmel (indiana) Perform Arts Center or Palladium as it is known.  It’s a big new building that is quite nice and very expensive.  None the less I have fun shooting it.  On the way back from the store I pulled in and did a quick pano with my iPhone.  Assembled it and like magic with PhotoStream it was on my iPad.  I then worked the image a bit in a couple of apps to come up with this.  Just a fun day and a bit of fun time messing around.

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Bryce National Park, UT

A very picture worthy National Park is Bryce where this image was taken.  It’s not an overly large park and there aren’t a lot of places to shoot compared to other parks but there places there are at the right time of the year will reward you greatly.  There are numerous overlooks where you can get terrific sunrise and sunset shots.  Shooting mid-day there is pointless.  Also, if you come at the time of year when it is cold enough and you awake to a light dusting of snow the park just turns into a fairytale land.  Be sure to take hikes and find places where the normal tourist won’t venture.  Your images will be different and much more rewarding. LINK TO BRYCE NPS

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Canyonland, Moab Area UT

I love the Moab area as it has many location for photography and a few great parks nearby.  If you want arches or canyons you can find both in Moab.  This shot is from n overlook in Canyonlands with a storm coming.  Shot with a Phase One P65+ it just has amazing detail.


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Merry Christmas – Delicate LIght

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.

Trees In Olympic National Park

I’ll keep this entry short as there is so much to do to get ready for the Raber Christmas Morning.  All of my boys are here with one wife and one significant other.  Going to be a fun day.  After gifts and a brunch I will start preparing the traditional (Raber) dinner of Beef Wellingtom, Potatoes, Waldorf Salad, String Bean Almonde, with a beautiful chocolate chip cake for dessert.

Todays picture was made in the Olympic National Park which is just beautiful.  Deep in the woods I found this tree and it was catching just a hint of the sunlight coming through.  Simple and works.  Shot with a Phase One P65+

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Simple IS Better….Happy Christmas Eve

Simple - Palouse, WA

Sometimes when you photograph things you may find simple is better.  This is  classic cue of simple.  Grass, sky and a cloud.  Shot it the Palouse one of my favorite places for doing landscapes with a P65+ camera.  Amazing detail and simple composition.


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Deception Bay – Antarctica

Deception Island - Antarctica

Good day, hope you are ready for Holiday cheer.  Two of my bus and their wive and girlfriend arrived last night.  My third son will be here today.  Going to be  a great weekend and Christmas.  This shot was made on one of my three trips to Antarctica.  It is in Deception BAy.  THis is actually a collapsded volcano and it is really hard to get into.  The place is huge and beautiful with an old whaling station on it.  Very seldom do you find a crystal clear day like the one I did this picture on.  I just love Antarctica and I am working on organizing a Photo expedition there in 2013.