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Alaska Color

Alaska Color

Sorry, it has been a few days since my last post.  In the last week I have been to San Miguel, Mexico and San Francisco working with a number of influential photographers showing them the the new IQ180 80 megapixel digital back from Phase One.  Oh what a great camera this is.  More on this later great camera later this week.

Today’s photo was shot in Alaska while out whale watching.  It hangs in my home.  It was forrest fire season and there was a lot of haze in the air.  This diffused the light and made for some interesting and colorful skies.  Thus this image. Shot with a Canon 1ds II and 100-400 mm lens.



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London Eye

The London Eye

This a photo of the London Eye a giant ferris wheel in the center of London. As iconic as it is it looks a lot out of place in London. This was photographed on the day of the terrorist attack July 5th 2005. The eye stood still as well as most of London. It was very weird being there as all this was going on. None the less I did a lot of photography that day not realizing the seriousness of the day.  We had no news or smartphones then.

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LOVE at The IMA, Indianapolis, IN

WOW, What a week. The company I work for Phase One has announced a whole new line of game changing digital camera backs.  The IQ180 is an 80megapixel capture with a revloutionary interface for working with the camera and has a ton of ultra cool features. I am proud that I have the only one in North America and have had the chance to shoot with it. The results are astounding.

I am now in San Miguel, Mexico visiting Michael Reichmann who is host of one of the web’s most popular photography sites. Michael is field testing the back this week along with a host of other notable reviewers. I head to San Francisco on Wednesday for several days there showing the back to a few VIP photographers.  Watch the blog for more information. You can read more about this back on Lumninous-Landscape forum as well as getDPI forum.

Today’s picture was shot with the NEW IQ180 at the Indianapolis Museum of Art on a very cold evening at dusk.  This camera back has a huge dynamic range and with a little work I was able to make an image that has a huge range of color and exposure. The file is huge 480 megbytes in size. I look forward to making a print when my travel schedule slows down a bit.

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Waterfalls Again

Waterfall - Iceland

This beautiful photo was taken in Iceland a few months ago.  Needless to say I am in love with this magnificent country and look forward to many return trips.  It is photo rich as we would say.  This is one of hundreds of waterfalls around Iceland.  I like this just because it has a different shape than others.  The valley in the background also adds to it.

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Fishing In Alaska

Fishing Boats, Sitka Alaska

Alaska one of my favorite places to shoot pictures.  A number of years ago I was in Sitka and saw these fishing boats.  The sky was kind of like smoke filled from a forest fire and that made this interesting haze.  The sun came through it and turned gold.  The water reflected the gold and there it was this picture..  Sometimes simple things can look really interesting.

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Beautiful Reflections

Copenhagen Reflections

When I shoot photographs I am always looking for something different. Years ago I loved photographing things in windows and making images created entirely of reflections. This image is a reflection taken in a canal in Copenhagen. I was enjoying a beer and looked at the water and it was reflecting the colors oof the buildings and other surroundings. I shot a numbe rof exposures and this image is the result. So, when you are takig phots always look for something that you might not see even if you are looking at it.


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Copenhagen Street

Copenhagen Violin Player

I love Copenhagen and love walking the city. The city has so much to offer. As a photographer one thing I enjoy is a form of photography called street photography. This was made famous by photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson. He wandered the streets of cities shooting street scenes and became famous because of it.  In my travels I make it a point to wander the streets of the cities I viist and shot the people and life. The image today was taken on a walking mall in Copenhagen. On every visit I make to Copenhagen I always see this same guy with a violin playing on the street. He always has a big smile and he seems to be everywhere. Anyway, this is a shot of him that says it all.

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Gone Fishing

Fisherman Key west, FL

Key West, FL on a morning walk shooting photos I came across this guy standing in the water fishing.  I couldn’t resist the photo and took a series of shots.  This was done  with a long lens from a higher perspective so there was no horizon in the shot.  I just love the way it feels and looks and has been a longtime favorite of mine.


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Performing Arts Center PANO

The Palladium - Performing Arts Center - Carmel, IN

Down the street from my home is the mid-west’s premier concert hall – The Palladium. It is one beautiful building. This os supposed to be one of the mots advanced state of the art concert halls in the US.  I have enjoyed the privileges of doing photography at the center. This image was done with a Phase One P65+ 60megapixel camera and a 45mm lens. It is a pano image comprised of eleven images stitched together in photoshop. After the stitching was done I did work on perspective as well as retouching imperfections of the building which is final stages of construction. With eleven images stitched together with each image being 360 megabytes each you can just imagine how big the image is. Needless to say the quality and detail is spectacular.  Click on the image to see a larger view, click on it again to see even larger, use your back key to return to original image.


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Geo Thermal Iceland

Geo-Thermal Area Iceland July 2010

I had the opportunity to photograph around Iceland on two visits there this year. One area I visited with my guide Daniel Bergman was a Geo-Thermal field. It was a different kind of place. First is smelled like a million hard boiled eggs.  Then there were hundreds of holes in the ground with bubbling and boiling water. This water was obviously very hot and you needed extreme care while shooting in the area as not to fall in a hole and get burned. This image was shot looking at one of these areas but what makes it is all the steam coming off similar places in the background. This was shot with the Phase One P65+.