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Valparaiso Doors – With Video

There is a city in Chile that is about a two-hour drive from Santiago called Valparaiso.  It’s a great name as there is a city here in Indiana named the some.  Valparaiso in Chile is a city built on a number of hills.  It’s. port city and until the Panama canal opened up years ago it was one of the busiest ports in South America.  It’s also known now as a city of graffiti.  Essentially the whole city is a street art gallery that graffiti artists have made a joy to walk through.  I have added some images here for you to enjoy.  I also have a video of my visit to Valparaiso that is fun to watch.  You can find the video The Streets Of Valparaiso HERE





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Lemaire Channel Pano

Any long time reader here knows that Antarctica is my favorite place.  I have been there over 20 times and do a trip or two a year.  We were lucky to get the trip this year in February before everything shut down.  One of the favorite locations in Antarctica to experience is the Lemaire channel.  This a narrow channel between two large mountains is a highlight of Antarctica travel. On a trip a few years ago I did a 30 exposure pano of the channel showing both ends.  as the ship was moving forward I set up my camera in a vertical position and turned the drive to low.  I then set my first exposure at the end of the channel from where we began and then panned right while the camera was on auto-drive.  This made a lot of exposures to blend but assured I would have enough for good overlaps and creating the pano.  The pano was made in photoshop.  I think this a unique image of a popular location, thus accomplishing what I always like to do is finding a different way to see something that so many people photograph.

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Orbison Gorge – Australia

orbiston Gorge

I have been to Australia a number of times.  It’s very far away and is a very long plane ride.  However, once you are there you will be treated to a beautiful country.  The people are incredibly friendly and the scenery is very versatile.   This location is near the center of the country.  This is a gorge which there a number of and they are usually in a canyon with water running through them.  I have a few images from this canyon.  One of these is a three-shot pano and the other is a single shot.


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Seeing The Bean Different

The Bean in Chicago

The Chicago Bean is one of the most iconic places to take photos in Chicago.  I like that as it gives me a chance to find something that may never have been seen before.  It’s an opportunity to see something different.  These are not easy images to do as we are influenced so often from what we have seen others do.  With the Bean, I walked around and crawled around and looked through the camera and realized there were numerous opportunities to get a unique image.  This one works with the identifiable people in the bottom center and after that, it just goes crazy.  It works because it makes a view stop to see the image and try to figure it out.