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Slot Canyons

I am really beginning to feel the effects of cabin fever.  I usually travel a few weeks each month when we were normal.  It’s been over 15 months since I last put a foot in an airplane.  I start to travel in June with a 2 week workshop and I can’t even tell you how excited I am to get back out there.  Meanwhile, I can look back at my files and think about the days when I went where ever I wanted whenever I wanted.  These images are from the Slot Canyons in Page, AZ.  They will be from the Upper and Lower Antelope canyons.  The light poking its way into these canyons is so beautiful and has its own way to make these places magical.







Canyon X, Slot Canyons near Page, AZ
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Missing Fun In Antarctic

Well, it looks like it won’t be until 2022 until I can return to Antarctica again.  I found these two photos that I think sum up what a day in Antarctica is all about.  This is my wife Debra having the time of her life.

Dancing in Antarctica. Ocean Nova is in the background.


South Georgia Sky