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Lemaire Channel Pano

Any long time reader here knows that Antarctica is my favorite place.  I have been there over 20 times and do a trip or two a year.  We were lucky to get the trip this year in February before everything shut down.  One of the favorite locations in Antarctica to experience is the Lemaire channel.  This a narrow channel between two large mountains is a highlight of Antarctica travel. On a trip a few years ago I did a 30 exposure pano of the channel showing both ends.  as the ship was moving forward I set up my camera in a vertical position and turned the drive to low.  I then set my first exposure at the end of the channel from where we began and then panned right while the camera was on auto-drive.  This made a lot of exposures to blend but assured I would have enough for good overlaps and creating the pano.  The pano was made in photoshop.  I think this a unique image of a popular location, thus accomplishing what I always like to do is finding a different way to see something that so many people photograph.

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