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Cool Horse

Icelandic Horse...Damn cool!

Icelandic horses are some of the toughest and nicest horses in the world.  They just have life all figured out.  Strong and sturdy yet sort of small.  They have these long manes that just blow in the wind and great strong eyes that penetrate you and catch you.  They remind me of rock stars, long hair blowing in the wind and they just know they are bad ass.  I shot this in color on a Phase One P65+ then turned it into BW on the iPad.

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Icelandic Hot Spring

Hot Spring - Iceland

Todays image was done in Iceland.  My guide Daniel Bergman and I went for a drive to some place way out in the middle of no where.  There was this huge area of geothermal springs.  Bubbling holes in the ground with steam and hot water.  Really hot water.  Some holes were smaller like this one.  wonderful colors were surrounding these prints caused by minerals rising out of the ground.  I have some great shots of this area.

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Whale Tale

Whale Tale - Antarctica

Every one takes them and I have tons of them.  Each whale tale is special.  It’s an amazing thing to see in person just as a breach is or even when they become very friendly and come within feet of you and poke their heads out of the water.  I love whales and I am amazed and puzzled by them.  This shot was made in Antarctica where I have had some of my best whaling shots.  I played with contrast and a few other things to boost the impact of this image.

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Peeling Paint

Peeling Paint

I have always been intrigued by decay, rust and peeling paint.  I see these things as work of art especially when you isolate them and move in close.  This shot is of peeling paint that was coming off in large pieces.  It had dimension, texture and it makes you stop and look.  I worked this image on the iPad using Snapspeed.

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Messed Up Train

Messed Up Train Car

Time to change from B&W images to some wow color.  Today’s image was made on some abandoned trains not to far from where I live.   I have been shooting these for several years now.  They are parked on a siding off the road and pretty well hidden and they deteriorate further on every trip I make there.  Actually pretty creepy.  You are missing the smell that goes along with these images.  To shoot this properly I had to shoot three exposures and HDR them together.  Then I took them into iPad and used Snapseeed and PhotoForge to make the final image.  Kind of surreal, which it is.

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Iceland Iceberg Beach

Icebergs On The Beach - Iceland

In honor of some of my friends who are now touring in Iceland I present one of my Iceland shots – icebergs on the beach.  This beach is truly an amazing place.  Icebergs wash out to sea from  Jokulsarlon Lagoon and then when the tide switches around they wash up on the beach where the crashing waves begin to erode them to these beautiful diamond like Icebergs.  The beach is littered with them for a very long distance.  Quite the site to see and photograph.  It’s different every day.  So to Harry, Teri, Einir and others – have a great time there.


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