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Moab Here We Come

Moab, UT Area - Canyon Lands

Are any of you watching Peter Lik’s photography show on the Weather Channel?  He shoots with a Phase One camera and it’s great to see our cameras being used by a shooter like Peter.  Last night his show was on Arches which is essentially where my friends and I are headed.  It draws you back for more images.  So here’s a shot from last year.  I think it was done from Dead Horse overlook or something like that.  I haven’t had my coffee yet and I am about to run for the airport.  Enjoy and stay tuned.

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Off To Moab

Moab, UT

For the next week I’ll be shooting with friends in Moab, UT.  This a beautiful area of the southwest with hundreds of possibilities for great shots.  All of us on this trip have been there before so this trip we will try to explore areas not usually visited by others.  The goal is to make a lot of non-cliched images.  What’s unique about this adventure is we will be shooting with the IQ180 digital back from Phase One.  That’s right 80 megapixels.  That’s 480 megabytes per shot.  Amazing detail that has to be seen.  We (Phase One) start shipping these backs to our dealers worldwide today.  The designer of these new backs and inventor of them will be shooting with us so he can see how the back performs.  What other company sends their head engineer out to try out and test their product.  There will be lots of news about the new back next week.  Wired MAgazine will have a review by Tuesday as will Luminous Landscape with others to follow.  I’ll post links here on my blog as they appear.  Today’s image was shot in Moab a year ago.  I’ll post some teasers each day until I have fresh ones I can share.  Stay tuned it will be a big week.

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Iceland Church Window

Church Interior - Iceland

This simple photo was made inside a small church sitting on top of a hill overlooking the sea in Iceland.  It was shot with a Phase One P65+ camera and 80mm lens.  THe shot is incredibly detailed.  You can some in on the full size image a read the text on the bible and see the texture of the paper.  The P65+ also has a large dynamic range which allows me to capture the details in highlights and shadow areas all on the same single exposure.

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Fisherman’s Shack – Newfoundland

Newfoundland, Canada - Fisherman's Shack

A few years ago I explored Newfoundland with a group of photographer friends.  Same group I have explored many places with and will spend next week with.  Kind of a mancation with fellow photographers.  Anyway there were lots of opportunities for some great shots in Newfoundland and this is one I like.  Sometimes we believe we always need a sunny day to take pictures.  Some of my best are on rainy and gray days.  This was a gray foggy morning. It works.

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A Bit Of Wildlife

I enjoy all aspects of photography.  admittedly I haven’t done much portraiture lately and that is my list of things to change.  Wildlife has also been somewhat shallow.   So, on a recent trip to Florida I stopped in the Everglades and played.  Here is on the shots.  an alligator and a bird in the same image.  I always thought alligators ate the birds but they seem very happy with each other.

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Happy Easter Retrospective

For the next two days I’ll be posting a retrospective of published images.  Kind of like  re-run time.  Maybe you missed a few of these.  You’ll be able to look at the gallery below and see images that have been previously posted on these pages.  You can click on any image to see a larger image.  Tomorrow I’ll post the second gallery.  Stop back and check it out.

Also, I just launched a new PODAS workshop on Friday being held this July in Chicago.  The focus is on Architectural Photography – The Man Made Landscape.

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Round Tower

Round Tower - Copenhagen, Denmark

This is a fun image.  There is this place in Copenhagen and it’s called the Round Tower.  It was built by some king or prince or whomever a long time ago so he could take his dates to the top of the city and show it off.  He built it though so he could take his carriage and horses to the top.  I’m sure this impressed the girls.  In any case you can now walk up the tower with its brick path and beautiful plastered and curved walls.  I had a lot of fun taking pictures here.  This is one of many.

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Bottom Of The world

On The Way to Antarctica - Ushuaia - Argentine

At the very most souterh tip of Argentina is a small and very remote city – Ushuaia. This is the point where you jump to Antarctica from.  It is the southern most tip of the world as we know it.  I spent a week in Ushuaia one day.  Not a lot to do.  So I wandered around and took pictures which something as you know I like to do.  I came upon a small beach with a wrecked boat and another pretty wrecked boat not too far off shore.  So, I shot this shot and a number of close-ups.  I like this one foreground and back ground seem to work well.

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Rusty Texture

Rusty Boat - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Since I did a pattern shot yesterday, why not texture today?  So, here is a rusty art photo.  I love rust and anyone following this blog knows that.  This is rust from a ship in Argentina.  Buenos Aires seems to be a good city for rust.  This was found on an old boat being scrapped.