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The All Defining Palouse Image

The Palouse is obviously one of my favorite places for photography if you haven’t figured that out.  The image above is of a barn on the main highway leading to Colfax and Pullman.  I have passed this location dozens of times over the last few years and have photographed it just as many.  Many times it is one of the stopping points on my workshops.  This last trip the American flag looked new.  We also stopped at the location when the sky was beyond perfect.  Add to that the wheat was golden and there was a nice green patch thrown in.  It’s kind of the all about Palouse defining image.  It has gotten nearly a 1000 likes on social media and I am just itching to make a print of it.  I might even offer it up as a stock image.  You gotta love the Palouse.

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Stormy Sky #1 Palouse

One of the things that are special about the Palouse is what I call the big sky.  The sky is part of the Palouse and many times actually becomes the focus of the image.  Whether the skies are blue with puffy clouds or dark and gray with an approaching storm, they are always special.

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Farm In The Palouse

I’m going to be in the Palouse again from August 10-17th photographing the harvest.  The Palouse region is one of my favorite places to photograph in America.  It’s always different and there are no cliched image locations.  You need to seek out and find the shot.  There are rolling fields of green wheat in the early summer and golden wheat in August.  This photo is of a typical farm and with what I call the Palouse sky.  Always something special.

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