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Lofoten Begins

I just returned from nearly two weeks in Lofoten, Norway.  It was an interesting trip.  I was an instructor along with Art Wolfe and Ignacio Palacios with 18 photographers.  The weather was challenging and even more challenging were all the other photographers.  I am really re-thinking how I do my workshops in the future as there are so many photographers offering workshops these days and all of them are going to the same places.  I am asking myself why.  I used to have a spot to myself and now there can literally be 50 plus photographers all trying to get to one position.  Add on to that the boom in Asian tourists who have no clue and walk right into the shots and it’s not getting to be any fun anymore.  In any case, I walked away with a series of images that are different than most and then again like the image above iconic like everyone else.  So over the coming days look for more Lofoten images.

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