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Truck and Farm In The Palouse

The Palouse is filled with surprises.  This was one of those surprises.  Along one of the main drags a farmer set up a great shot.  An old symbolic truck set against his barn.  I shot this with a Sony a7riii and then imported it into iPhoto where I then applied a couple of effects using the Snapseed app.  The sad thing is because of all the traffic-stopping and some abusive people the farmer has since removed this setup.

Please if you are driving along and find a shot remember that you are not entitled to trespass on someone’s property. Because this is becoming such an issue many of the good places to photograph in the Palouse are being blocked to photographers.

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The Magic Bus

Sometimes when traveling you come across some strange things along the roadside. In the Palouse area on the road to Palouse Falls State Park someone parke a bus.  And, like a lot of things in the Palouse they left it there, abandoned.  And, as is obvious the artist in people have had a chance to make this bus graffiti heaven.  The look of this bus changes every week as drive by artists add their own style.  You’ll find some magic markers and many times a few spary paint cans left over by other artists.  Use the magic markers to sign your name or try your hand at some graffiti.

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January 2021
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Getting The Shot

Palouse Falls

I miss traveling so much. For someone like myself who has been traveling at least a month for years and years, being stuck at home is devastating.   So, the images I am sharing now are from past trips.  This image is from one of my favorite places, the Palouse.  Specifically Palouse FAlls at the State Park.  This is showing the spot I use most to cover both the falls and canyon.  If you are lucky when photographing here you can catch cloudy and stormy skies or the sunset.  I usually use a 16mm lens here.  Put on a neutral density filter and I can then do 20- 50-second exposures and get that cool looking smooth waterfall look.  The picture below is a group shot from one of my workshops in the Palouse.  The 2021 workshops in the Palouse are sold out.

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Dash With Class

One of the things I love doing in the Palouse is exploring and photographing abandoned cars and trucks.  They seem to be everywhere.  It seems they all have their stories.  One day someone parked the vehicle and just left it there never to return.  I like to document the curves and textures as seen in some of my previous posts.  This image today is of an old pickup truck dashboard shot with my Sony 100-400mm lens.  I like using long lenses for images that some wouldn’t think of using a long lens for.  The thing that I love most is peeling p[aint.  I don’t know where this comes from but it is fun to see how time and nature change as well as reclaims things.


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Door Handle Abstracts

truck door

I spend a lot of my time looking for new and interesting images by framing things we see every day and putting a frame around them.  On my trip to the Palouse last June, I spent a lot of time looking at abandoned things and especially cars and trucks.  This image was taken through a driver’s side window of an old truck and then I did a little post-processing magic.  I love the texture and that it takes a minute to figure out what you are looking at.  I have a few more like this that I will publish soon.


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Perfect Palouse Again

If you have been reading this blog for a while you know how much I like the Palouse.  The Palouse is a region in SE Washington state that has beautiful rolling hills.  I June the fields are greener than green and in August they are gold when the harvest takes place.  This image is one of the greener moments.  Photographed from a location I discovered by accident and usually where I shoot sunrises.

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The All Defining Palouse Image

The Palouse is obviously one of my favorite places for photography if you haven’t figured that out.  The image above is of a barn on the main highway leading to Colfax and Pullman.  I have passed this location dozens of times over the last few years and have photographed it just as many.  Many times it is one of the stopping points on my workshops.  This last trip the American flag looked new.  We also stopped at the location when the sky was beyond perfect.  Add to that the wheat was golden and there was a nice green patch thrown in.  It’s kind of the all about Palouse defining image.  It has gotten nearly a 1000 likes on social media and I am just itching to make a print of it.  I might even offer it up as a stock image.  You gotta love the Palouse.