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I’m Back From Greenland

Wow, what a trip.  I’m now home from Greenland.  I leave again on Monday for another trip but today I wanted to post some photos from our first day of the trip.  Before we left Svalbard we had a day to explore.  I photographed Walrus and Arctic Fox.  These images are just two from an amazing session shooting these fox.  There were five of them and one caught a bird and took off from the others.  These little guys are amazingly fast.  I shot these with the new Sony a9 and 100-400mm GM lens. Auto-focus was amazing and I set the camera on manual at 1000th sec.  the ISO was set on auto.  This method allowed me to freeze action and allowed the ISO to vary for the light.

4 thoughts on “I’m Back From Greenland

  1. Very good post and useful information. It’s very helpful for me. Thanks for this valuable stuff…

  2. Am I able to purchase one of these photos?

  3. Kevin
    Beautiful captures! I have a gear question… I am considering the 100-400 gm instead of the 70-200. Just concerned where I’ll miss the 70-99mm range when shooting landscapes. Had this limited you at all? Thanks

    1. Kevin. Please pardon my spelling above.. I meant has this limited you in any way?
      Thank you

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