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Ship Wreck In Punta Arenas

I’m in Punta Arenas now (Jan. 31st) getting ready to fly out to Antarctica for a trip going south of the polar circle.  It’s a great trip and one always full of surprises.  while in Punta Arenas I like to vsit two different areas, the water front and the grave yard.  This was done on the waterfron abouta. mile outside of town.  This ship must have grounded itself there many years ago as each time I come here it is still here.

I shot this iamge from the top of the hill with a long lens to get a tight shot.  I love shooting tight and seeing the world in a different perspective.

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Zion 1

A few months ago I was in Zion National Park.  Zion is one of my favorite parks to photograph in.  It’s also one of the hadrest.  I went the first week of November and was surprised at how crowded the park was.  I understand you don’t even want to visit in the summer.  The only way around the park is by bus.  So, you are the mercy of bus schedules as well as bus stops.  At one time when you could drive a car in the park you could stop at all the great location, work from the car and then move to the next location.

These two shots were shot from the infamous Zion bridge.  I usually avoid the bridge as it is a very iconic photo that I have shot many times.  However, crossing the bridge this time I couldn’t help but see how nice the light was.  It was different. So, I jumped on the bridge found a spot amonst about 40 photogaphers caught my shot and looked behind me to see another.  I walk across the brdge and did another shot.  I followed my rule in the field.  Always be looking around, especially behind you.  Many on the bridge that night did not see the second shot.

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New Orleans Refinery

New Orleans

I spent a week in New Orleans about a year ago.  I had a great time photographing around the city.  One of the days there we took a trip out of the city and traveled along the river.  This is a shot I took along the Mississippi river.  It is a 10 image stitch to create the long panorama image.  I also did some special treatment to give it a cold sharp look.

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Hey, it’s my website and every now and then I will share a personal photo or two.  This is one of those days.  I present my furry friend Pixel.  She’s an incredibly lovable cat.  She gets me and I get her.  I sometimes feel like we are in tune with each other.  I got her a small sick kitten.  It was touch and go for a while but I was a big part of nursing her back to health.  We bonded really well and today she is my little and very loving cat buddy.