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I discovered a new place in April of 2016 while running a workshop with Art Wolfe and Ignacio Palacios.  In northern Chile on the border with Bolivia, there is a region of great beauty called the Atacama.  It’s got some incredible landscapes and great skies.  We photographed both in Chile and Bolivia, sometimes at altitudes of 16,000 feet.  This is one from the series of images I made.  More to come.

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Palouse Farm

One of my favorite places to photograph in America is the Palouse.  It’s not crowded with tourists and it is all about the landscape and big sky. The landscapes are big and broad and many time can be shot with a long lens like this shot.  As the sun peeks around the clouds interesting shadows are cast and as the sun gets lower at the end of the day you get these beuatiful defining shadows of the gentle rolling hillsides.  I am doing 2 private 4 person workshops there this summer.



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Little Waterfall – Part of A Big Waterfall

I was in Iceland shoot a very big waterfall.  I love waterfalls and I am sure by now you know how much I love Iceland.  After I shot the bigger waterfall I but my long lens on the Fuji-Xt2.  It has the reach of a 600mm lens on a full frame camera.  I started to explore at the longest focal lengths different parts of the waterfall.  I used a 1/2 to 1-second exposure to shoot what I found.  This was one of those shots.

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Jewels On The Beach

I am leading a workshop to Iceland in March.  It’s the best time of year to visit Iceland.  No tourists and you can see Iceland the way if should be seen.  This photo of an iceberg on a beach is only a sample of what you would encounter.  If interested click on the link here or contact me for more details. This was a short time exposure so the waves could blur just a little and capture the water as it runs off the shore.  This is one of many beautiful images I shot on that beach this one day.

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Svalbard Ice Pack Waterfall

On a visit to Svalbard in the northern Polar circle is a giant ice cap and during the summer there is melting and run off. Sometimes the run off opens a hole in the face of the ice pack and you get these giant waterfalls. Called Austfonnain case you want to look it up.  This was made with a long lens from a moving ship.  Nikon 810 with 80-400mm lens.  


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Behind The Curtain

This is kind of an artsy image.  I want the image to tell a story.  This was made in an old church in New Orleans.  We were on the upper floors and the stairway was undergoing renovation.  The tarp for keeping dust out was pulled open and there was beautiful light coming through the plastic tarp as well as the stairs behind.  Ask yourself, where do the stairs go, what is this place?

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Big Ass Waterfall

One thing that I never get tired of in Iceland is waterfalls.  I know some people do as there is a waterfall around every turn.  You could go nuts shooting waterfalls in Iceland.   This waterfall, Gullfoss has so much water running over it is staggering.  Where does it all come from?  Rather than shoot the falls like everyone else and tried to fit this mammoth waterfall into the frame I put on my 400mm lens and shot the falls in close.  I also tried various shutter speeds until I found one that gave the falls just the right look.  Not too velvety and not to definitive.  I liked the way this turned out.

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I love Arches National Park.  This park is close to Moab and the park and region around it offers great photo opportunities.  I Usually arrive at the park before sunrise and shoot for several hours during the morning light.  I return to town for breakfast and day excursions and then return late afternoon for sunset.  This shoot was made a few years ago.  Sadly on my last visit, much of the scrub like what I used in the foreground had been removed.  Even a tree I used in the past as a foreground was gone.  This, I am happy to have an image like this.  This was made with a Phase One IQ180 with a 28mm stopped down to f/22 for depth of field.  Luckily it worked or I would have had to do some focus stacking.  I can’t wait to go back to Moab, hopefully sometime this year.