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Revisiting Iceland

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday, I shut myself in my office, asked Siri to play some classic rock and I started to explore my old files and refine them using the new tools in Capture One 22.  I started with Iceland in 2010.  I did two trips to Iceland in 2010 and, as always came back with way too many keepers.  Iceland is magic and a photographer’s paradise.  It serves as therapy for many of us as in surrounds us with its ever-changing beauty.

These two images are a good example of the specialness that this land gives us.  The one image was taken at sunset – dawn.  I was there at a time where it never gets dark.  The sun goes down and in 15 minutes it’s coming back up. As it dips below the horizon, the warm and sometimes odd light reflects onto the clouds and, in this case, the water of the Iceberg Lagoon.  (please don’t ask me to spell the name. ).  The second shot was made in the Highlands and once again nature and light played a big part in obtaining an incredible image of this canyon with waterfalls and a river that flows out to the horizon.

You can join me next year to explore Iceland again.  Visit for information.

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Kevin Raber
December 23, 2021

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A Day In Mayesville South Carolina

Prior to the pandemic, I was doing a lot of travel.  There is so much to see and photograph in this world.  My friend Miles from the UK had called and asked if I’d like to meet up with him in Charleston, SC, and do some photography.  I was already going to do a trip to the Smokies, and Black Rock, NC, so I added a new destination as well as continued on and make a trip to Naples, FL.

Miles and I had a fun time exploring many areas in and around Charleston.  We got some good images.  We heard there was an interesting town called Mayesville that might be worth visiting.  Mayesville, it turns out, is a town that time forgot.  Pretty much abandoned and falling down except for a cotton mill that is chugging along and probably the only business still there.

This image is just one of the hundreds I took in Mayesville and I intend to do a story on PhotoPXL about this trip soon.  I’ll post something here when I have it posted.