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Abstracts In Reykjavik


I love walking the streets of the cities I visit.  Who doesn’t?  On a recent trip to Reykjavik Iceland, I walked the streets with my friend Steve Gosling.  We both had the Sony a7r vii.  This small little and pocketable camera is very capable.  I love it because it can do great still as well as video.  It has an equivalent focal length zoom of 24 – 200mm.  That’s quite some reach and allows all sorts of possibilities.  I didn’t want to be encumbered while walking the streets so this was a perfect choice.  We strolled down to the Opera House in the harbor area and spent some time shooting there.  This post deals with shooting the building.  It’s basically a glass building with intricate glass panels reflecting light and some of them look out of place as they don’t reflect to reflect differently.


I spent a bit of time shooting there and I like what is called the picture in the picture.  I shoot at a long focal length and tilt and play with angles trying to get a different look.  The windows have a green tint to them and after I got them on my computer I decided to see what they would look like in BW. I varied the settings until I got the look I liked. Here are a few examples of what I came up with.  I hope you do too.


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Another Palouse Landmark

car and ban

I have been shooting this property for years.  It’s in the heart of the Palouse.  A very friendly man lives by himself in the house and takes great pride in this barn.  In the barn are a number of old cars and hot rods.  When we stop by to take photographs he usually sees us and comes out to welcome us on his property.  He is constantly shifting the cars in the yard around.  He must think like a photographer as he always has them arranged as if he was taking photos of them. You’ll find other variations of this location throughout this blog.

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Dash With Class

One of the things I love doing in the Palouse is exploring and photographing abandoned cars and trucks.  They seem to be everywhere.  It seems they all have their stories.  One day someone parked the vehicle and just left it there never to return.  I like to document the curves and textures as seen in some of my previous posts.  This image today is of an old pickup truck dashboard shot with my Sony 100-400mm lens.  I like using long lenses for images that some wouldn’t think of using a long lens for.  The thing that I love most is peeling p[aint.  I don’t know where this comes from but it is fun to see how time and nature change as well as reclaims things.


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Door Handle Abstracts

truck door

I spend a lot of my time looking for new and interesting images by framing things we see every day and putting a frame around them.  On my trip to the Palouse last June, I spent a lot of time looking at abandoned things and especially cars and trucks.  This image was taken through a driver’s side window of an old truck and then I did a little post-processing magic.  I love the texture and that it takes a minute to figure out what you are looking at.  I have a few more like this that I will publish soon.


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Perfect Palouse Again

If you have been reading this blog for a while you know how much I like the Palouse.  The Palouse is a region in SE Washington state that has beautiful rolling hills.  I June the fields are greener than green and in August they are gold when the harvest takes place.  This image is one of the greener moments.  Photographed from a location I discovered by accident and usually where I shoot sunrises.