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Cool Scooter

Scooter In Antique Store

A few weeks ago I enjoyed one of my outing with companion photographer Debra.  We try once a month to take a Sunday and go somewhere and just shoot pictures of what we find.  We come across abandoned buildings, funky stores and all sorts of other interesting things.  This shot was in a very cool antique store in a town we never heard of.  They had all sorts of cool stuff in a eerie of stores.  We spent nearly two hours there shooting.  I have published a shot previously of a bank safe hinge shot in one of the stores.  This is a cool scooter type bike on a shelf. I have a bunch more you’ll see soon.

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The Washington Coast

Washington Coast Line

Part of the Olympic National Park runs along the coastline of Washington.  Much of it is hard to access and some require a bit of a hike.  This shot though is available from a parking lot.  The whole coastline from Washington south though Oregon is just an amazing place to take photographs.  I’ll be doing a workshop in olympic National Park this september.  This will be one of the places we go.

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Something Different Again

Bank Vault Hinge

It’s fun once in a while not to just shoot big landscapes.  I like looking around for things that are beautiful and seeing things that look cool when isolated from things around it.  This image I shared on Facebook as a what is it image.  Fun to see people try to guess what it is.  So, it is a hinge on a bank vault.  I found it in an antique store the now occupies and old bank.

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Playing The What Is It Game

Rusty Chair or Muddy River

It’s fun sometimes to make photographs and have people guess what it is of.  This weekend I created a few of those and I will present thins this week.  Today’s image was made yesterday on one go my Sunday photo adventures.  Simply it’s get in the car head in a  direction and see what you find.  And, we found all sorts of cool stuff.  When I saw this image I had to shot it.   Being a rust guy I was all over it.  This is the back of one of those old chairs you’d put in your backyard.  As the paint peeled new rust formed and then rusted more paint off.  You can see the lines where all this happened.  However this could also be an aerial shot of a muddy river.  Hmmmm….fun isn’t it?

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My NEW Book Now Available

My book is now on sale on Blurb. It features all the images I posted on my blog last year. 268 pages of a variety of photographs from around the world

My NEW Book available on Blurb for purchase

. It will make a great addition to your library as well inspiration for your photography.  You can even order an iBook version so you can view this book on your iPad.  Click Here to go to the Blurb Book order page.

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More Icebergs

Floating Ice, Antarctica

My friends say I should do a book or exhibit on all my iceberg images.  Sounds like a good idea and it will go on my task list, which is rather long.  This page was from Antarctica (obviously) and I just love the way it works.  Foreground, iceberg  in the background, and then the mountains and horizon light far off.  This is a very strong image and one of my favorites.  It is also a very strong B&W image and I have that one over on my Facebook page.


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Mexican Hotel Room

Hotel Room - After a wild party, Mexcio

On my PODAS workshop trip in Mexico, we had the chance to shoot in an abandoned hotel,  This hotel was well on its way to being  luxury hotel until they figured out it was sitting under a dam and the dam just might someday break and wipe out the hotel and its guests.  Sounds like good planning to me.  This is a shot of one of the hotel rooms that never got finished. Shot with a Phase One IQ 180 and 28mm lens.

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Doorways and Tree

Doorway, Doorway, Tree, near San Miguel, Mexico

While shooting at an old abandoned silver mine, I came across this doorway that lead to another doorway that framed a tree in an old room perfectly.  I love the colors and the whole two dimension, three dimension thing going on.  The image is sharp as a tai being taken with an IQ180 camera.  On a print you can see all the detail on the tree.

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Abandoned Hotel

Abandoned Hotel, San Miguel, Mexico

I love old, neglected, abandoned, rusty things.  This is a lobby of a hotel in San Miguel that was almost 50% completed when it was abandoned because someone figured out it sat below a damn that if it failed would wipe out the hotel.  So, on our trip their recently we had the chance to spend several hours there shooting.  This is one of a number of good shots I got.  Look for more soon.

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Mexican Doorway

Lady and doorway, San Miguel, Mexico

Some of the coolest shots I have done are subjects in doorways.  I did a shot years ago in Argentina of a boy eating a bag of chips in a doorway that is one of my mot popular prints.  This image was made in San Miguel.  Everything came together perfectly to balance the composition out.  Street photography in San Miguel where this was done is just great.