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Geo Thermal Field, Iceland

Funny how some picture can look nice but if you were actually present when the shot was made you would think differently.  This image was made in one of the geo-thermal fields scattered all over Iceland.  It’s great that these fields provide a self sustainable power resource for the country.  But, they smell so bad due to high sulfur content, that shooting pictures here can make you feel nauseous.  It is worth it though and I did come away with many excellent images from this shoot.


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Christiania Copenhagen

Windows – Christiania, Copenhagen

Copenhagen as you know from reading my previous posts is one of my favorite cities to visit.  So much to do, and some real good culture. I love shooting photos there. Christiania is a part of Copenhagen that was taken over by for lack of better words hippies many years ago. It was an old Army base that is now a counter culture area of the city. It is fun to visit and there is a lot of color. This image was made in the stairwell of one of the buildings leading up to a restaurant.  I saw the window with graffiti and had to shoot it.

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The Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon, A different look

Sometimes images of famous well know locations can be so clichéd.   So when I shoot some of these locations I try to see it differently and have some fun with the image to change it up a bit and get folks to stop and look. This is a classic Grand Canyon shot, where I used a long lens and cropped the sky out. Then using a number of different apps and Photoshop I came up with this look.  A little soft, lots of color and somewhat surreal.


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Fun At A Car Show

Headlight On A Classic Car

Once a year the Arts District where I live (Carmel, IN) holds a classic car show.  It is a big draw and a lot of fun to see all the cool cars that are on display.  Like all things in Carmel, it has a certain charm and small town feel.  I love going to see what I can find to take pictures of.  I look for different angles and views that are typical snapshots.  Nothing new with that but I love cars with their curves and angles.  So here is the first image.  I’ll post more soon.

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Anchor, Saugutuck, Michigan

There was this big old steam ship sitting at a dock as a tourist attraction in Saugutuck, MI.  The ship has since been moved to Canada where it will be restored and become part of a ship museum.  I have shot this location a number of times.  The elements of the ship and the old lifeboats have given me plenty of good exposures.  This is the anchor and I like the strength and colors.

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God Beam

Antelope Canyon, Page, AZ

This November I am holding a very special photo workshop in Arizona covering Monument Valley and The Slot Canyons near Page.  At aPAge we will be shooting some amazing canyons and a few no tourists go to.  This is a shot in Antelope with the beam of sunshine going through.  I like this one because it is passing through and not landing on the floor of the canyon or wall.  Shot with an IQ 180 this image has amazing detail.

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Waterfall Through Trees

Waterfall through the threes, Rickets Glen, PA

It feels so good to be shooting and especially when you are in the woods outdoors and stumble upon a shot like this.  This was at Rickets Glen in Pennsylvania.  Lots of waterfalls there.  This shot was taken through the trees (obviously).  I wanted to combine the fall colors with the waterfall equally.  I really love the feel of this image and how it is simple and pleasing to look at.  Shot with a P65+

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Dead Trees Moab

Dead Trees In A Field, Moab, UT

I love traveling the back roads.  So, after shooting to my hearts content in Moab, I decided it was time to travel some back roads.  These involved crossing over a few small mountains.  This field we found doing this trip and the sun was beginning to set giving nice light.  Shot with an IQ180 this image is super sharp and has great color tonal range.

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You Gotta Get Up Early

The Bean, Chicago

You have to get up early to do great photography, and that is no different when shooting in the city and trying to make sure tourists don’t ruin your shot.  This is the famous Chicago Bean.  It offers a multitude of image possibilities with all the reflections and such.  Normally during the day there are always hundreds of people with their point and shoots taking shots.  So, get there early when the sun is coming up and have the whole place to your self.