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Masonic Temple, Main Hall, Indy

Masonic Temple, Main Hall, Indianapolis

The Masons have a very mysterious reputation with stories and legends to amaze all of us.  The Masonic Temple in Indianapolis is just one of those mysterious place.  the building is grand and the main hall is grand.   But, there is a whole huge building across the parking lot with only one door in and no windows.  I really want to go in there and see what it is, but you need to be some special member for that.  The legend continues.  This was 5 Phase One P65+ images stitched together.

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Big Bend

Big Bend National Park

This is an image shot a National Park that doesn’t get much attention except for the number of illegals that travel across it.  Big Bend National Park in Texas is one of those hard to get to and not so well know parks.  Plenty of stuff there to shoot though.  This was done during lazy and hazy sunset.  Was kind of cool to see all the layers that presented themselves.

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Sand Fall

Sand Falls inside Antelope Canyon

I don’t know what else to call it.  I came away from Antelope Canyon as I always do with some extremely nice images and all were done on an 80 megapixel camera so detail is astounding.  I wanted something different so how about sand falling off the rock face walls making its own sand (water)fall.  Hope you enjoy this.  The detail is amazing.


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From Australia

Australian Outback

Really I am in Copenhagen but this image is from Australia.  I have had the pleasure to travel to the outback of Australia and through the assistance of Ken Duncan, well know Australian photographer got to visit an aborigine community.  I was fortunate enough to do a number of portraits and this is one of them.  Their face tell so many stories.  Their eyes are so black.  Just very interesting people and most gracious.  If you get the chance to visit the outback it is an amazing place.

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Entrance To Tivoli, The place that inspired Disney

As I said in my last entry I was headed to Copenhagen.  Well, I am in Copenhagen and I have been pretty slammed with meetings and such.  A lot to cram into a week at Phase One.  So, postings have been nonexistent but I will catch up.  So, other than a mermaid sitting on a rock what other iconic places are there in Copenhagen?  Tivoli of course.