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Anchor, Michigan

Make an anchor look good.  I love objects that are peer of other, and I have been drawn to anchors after shooting some cool rusty ones in Argentina.  I didn’t have to go far to shoot this image though.  It was made in Saugutuck Michigan at and old lake passenger ship museum.  Lots of very graphic elements at this ship.  More to come soon.

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So Copenhagen

Copenhagen, near the brewery

I love Denmark and especially Copenhagen.  I work for a Danish Company, Phase One and love the job. I get to work in a field i am passionate about, meet great people from all over the world and share our mutual passions – photography.  Copenhagen is a magic city.  You can practically walk the whole city and there is so much to see.  This is a shot from a trip a year ago.  Obviously I messed with it a bit but it kind of fun.  I love the whole lion thing.  Kind of like a fairy tale thing.

I don’t do recovery well.  I am restless and want to get out.  But my shoulder still hurts a lot and I don’t want to push my knee.  I am doing what many of my friends have recommended and that is take it easy and take advantage of good drugs.  So, I sit around the house reading, working on photos, doing some work, watching TV taking meds.  I so much want to be out enjoying the day.  I tell myself this can’t last forever.

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I’m Back More to Less

Big Bend NAtional Park, Texas

As you have noticed I have been absent for a few days.  I just had surgery to my knee and shoulder.  It has really town me for a loop to say the least.  The knee seems to be heeling well.  I am getting around slowly.  The shoulder is very sore and in a  sling which makes typing and such difficult.  It will be a lengthy recovery but hopefully I’ll use my shoulder again.  Pain pills and taking it easy with lots of ice packs seems to be working.  Today I am going back to work again and also doing a blog post which I hope to get on track again.  Today’s image was shot with a P45+ in Beg Bend National PArk and then I played with it a bit in SnapSeed on my iPad.  If you get a chance visit Big Bend.  It’s a huge National Park out of the way and not visited by many.

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Car Hood

Car Hood In The Plaouse

Sometimes when shooting with my big boy camera (the IQ180) I like to pull out the iPhone and mess with it.  This was one of those instances when I was shooting old cars in the Palouse.  I got out the iPhone shot some images and then played on the iPad and dressing them up.  So here is my version of car hood #1.


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Super Sunset

Well, I am back at least until Tuesday.  My surgery was put off until then as some vitals weren’t quite norm.  THings looking better now so back to try again on Tuesday.  My knee and shoulder have had enough and want to get this done.  Today’s shot was made in DV a few months ago.  It’s one of those once in a lifetime sunsets.  We crested a hill and there it was.  Stop the van and shoot away.  This was done with a Phase One IQ180 camera and DF camera with a 28mm lens.

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Sports Car Dashboard

Here’s another image made at the car show this weekend.  It’s of a dashboard of a sports car.  Worked it a bit on the iPad.

There may be a few days without posts.  I am headed in for shoulder and knee surgery tomorrow and expect to be somewhat incapacitated for a few days.  I’m sure it will all be fine but time to get these injuries fixed.  Back to you soon.