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Church On A Hill

I have been Iceland dozens of times.  It’s an amazing country and has a lot of great places to photograph.  After a while everyone that visits takes the same pictures of the same things,  This church is no exception.  I have photogrphed this chuch a lot but on this day I had low hanging clouds and lots of birds flying over it.  Thus, I was lucky to get an image that is somehwat a differnt view.  Shot with a long lens from a low angle.  It’s a peaceful image.

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I love Puffins.  Puffins are incredible little birds with a big attitude.  These birds are usually found in the arctic regions and I have photographed them in Iceknd and Svalbard.   They are known for diving off of cliffs, catching krill and returning to their burrows where they feed their young.  These birds can fly like no other bird.  they have a unique sound and they are just plain cool.  If you get to Iceland you should definately make viewing puffins high on your list.

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Goðafoss Falls – Iceland

Iceland is one of my favorite places to visit on the planet.  I have been visiting Iceland since 2005.  A lot has changed in Iceland mainly tied to the increase in tourism.  One thing that hasn’t changed is the incredible beauty. Iceland has so many amazing places to photograph.  There are dozens of  waterfalls.  This image is one of them.  This location is far from the normal tourist traffic so usually it is not so crowded.  If you arrive early no one else should be there and you ahve this location to yourself.  The name of this waterfall is Goðafoss falls.

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Glacier and Icebergs

I have said it before and I’ll say it again.  Greenland is the land of imensity.  This image is a good example.  This gigantic glacier winding its way down to the sea and a giant iceberg most likely from another glacier in front of it.  It seems everywhere you point your camera in Greenland you see images like this.

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Abstract In Ice

Once again I am looking for the picture in the picture.  I will say this is an abstract image of a close up of a really pretty iceberg in Greenland.  I shot it from a zodiac handheld with a Sony a9 and 100-400mm lens.  I found a ton of cool looking ice in Greenland I did this with.  I’m going to make large prints and see how it looks on the wall.






























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Rock Abstracts

Lately I have been using a long lens a lot and exploring the bigger landscape looking for what I call the picture in a picture.  These two images are good examples.  While in Icleand we visited this amazing wall of rock formations.  Using my 100-400mm lens on the Fuji XT-2 I explored the wall and came up with numerous images like the one above.  I did the same on a large waterfall coming out with the image below.   Sometimes you have to look at the big picture and see what you are missing in the small picture.