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Two Sunsets

Sunset in Antarctica

Who doesn’t like a sunset. These are two sunsets I recently came across while going through some of my old files.  One was from Antarctica and the other was from Olympic National Park and 2nd Street beach. They just go to show some of the looks a sunset can make.  I just returned from the Palouse and there were some gorgeous layered sunsets from that trip.  I’ll post them here soon.  Please enjoy these just for what they are sunsets.

Sunset in Olympic National Park, Second Street Beach
Sunset in Olympic NAtional PArk, Second Street Beach
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Time For Breakfast

One early morning the year before the pandemic I visited Great Smokey National Park. It’s about an 8-hour drive from my home and I like to explore the Blue Ridge Mountains and surrounding areas.  This morning I enter the park way before sunrise stopped at a spot I was familiar with and waited.  I knew that every morning around sunrise the horses that have been out in pasture are called back to the barn for breakfast.  This particular morning it was foggy with a deep yellow sky as sunrose started.  Sure enough, like clockwork, the horses showed up.  I took my photos and moved on to the next location.  Shot on a Sony a7r iii with a 100-400mm lens.

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Something Small From Something Big

This is an image at the bottom of one of Iceland’s largest waterfalls, Seljalandsfoss.  I have been to this location dozens of times.  I have photographed from every angle.  Because it is so big as a photographer, I usually try to get the whole waterfall in.  I do my blurry time exposures.  I get it with morning and sunset light.  I go behind the waterfall and get low and sometimes climb the hill to get a high short.  But, am I seeing it all.

In the last few years I have been putting on my 100-400mm Sony lens and now looking for the picture in the picture.  In this case, there was something beautiful going on, as the waterfall would turn into a mist and gently land on the tricks at the bottom of the fall.  There was a whole other landscape taking place here.  The delicate moss, the miniature waterfalls flowing through this moss, and amazing detail you could never see unless you looked at it through a long lens.

So, next time you are out, look at the big landscape and then start looking for the smaller landscape inside the shot.  Picture in a picture.  I have a 24×24 inch print of this hanging in my hallway.  It always stops people as they explore all the detail.  Print it out.

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The Nap

Napping Polar Bear - Svalbard Norway Trip
Napping Polar Bear – Svalbard Norway Trip


Seems that all animals like to take naps.  They might have something going in that department.  Who doesn’t like a nap?  My cats and dog as nap specialists.  Seems that Polar Bears are pretty good at napping, too.  This napping Polar Bear was found in Svalbard on one of my many trips there.  I was in a zodiac (rubber boat) and was safe.  These guys are big though and as always when tracking any kind of wildlife, being quiet is so very important.  Shot with a 400mm lens with a Nikon D810.  I have a ton of Polar Bear images from numerous trips there.  I have a sold out trip in September to do this trip again.

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Polar Bear In Svalbard

I have made at least six trips to Svalbard.  Svalbard is a territory of Norway in the polar circle.  We normally board a ship there and spend at least ten days exploring the area.  Part of the mission on the trip is to photograph polar bears.  This is one Polar Bear we tracked for a while.  You can search this site for Polar Bear and find more photographs of thse magnificent creatures.

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Sunset In Iceland

Sunset in Iceland
Sunset in Iceland


Iceland is where photographers go when they die.  It’s a beautiful landscape and light never stops giving.  Sunsets and sunrises are special every day.  as a photographer, you don’t get much sleep in Iceland because there is so much to see.  This sunset with the moon was made one evening after a hike up a mountain.  The whispy clouds, sunset color, and moon make it simply work.

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For The Love Of Penguins

Chin Strap Penguins jumping onto an iceberg


These are two penguin photos I made on my last trip to Antarctica in February 2020.  They were photographed with the Sony a7r iv and have a ton of detail.  I processed these in Capture One 20 and used shadow recovery to bring out details in the black feathers and needed to highlight recovery in the white area of the penguin.  I shot a lot of penguin photos and I always look for something different.

The top image was made from our ship as we passed an iceberg and the penguins were jumping onto an iceberg.

The image below was made onshore and it is a young penguin who is molting and trying to groom itself.

Molting penguin grooming itself



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Dramatic Icebergs

Dramatic Iceberg.  One thing I like to do is play with my iceberg images and find new ways to create a different view of an iceberg.  I will be doing an article on where I show this iceberg in more than a dozen different ways.  Look for that soon.  These giant icebergs always give me new ways of seeing.  These are unique images.  Unlike many landscape photos these photos are dynamic.  Within a few days, this iceberg will take on a whole different look.  It may break apart and it may flip over.  Either way, these icebergs define what Antarctica is all about –  A dynamic Landscape.

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Big Blue


big blu
Big Blue


Planaeu Bay, Antarctica, the iceberg graveyard.  This is a great place to visit and one place that I have done some of my best iceberg photos.  This bay is full of grounded icebergs and once they get grounded they begin to erode and naturally make beautiful sculptured giant pieces of ice.  This was made with a Sony a7r iv and 100-400mm lens.  I’ll be sharing some close-ups of the ice in some future photos.

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Rusted Whale Oil Tank

whale oil tank in Antarctica

Rust, rust, rust . .  I love rust and especially the rust of Antarctica.  This photo was made on Deception Island in Antarctica.  I have been working on a whole series of rust in Antarctica and it will be part of an upcoming article where I share my different rust images.   I liked this one with the ladder and graffiti.  Funny to see graffiti even in Antarctica. Photographed with a Sony a75iv and 100-400mm zoom lens.