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I Love B&W

Golden BAy - South Georgia Islands

We get so caught up in color and how easy it is to make great color images in this digital age.  Sometimes it is nice to re-visit B&W.  This image was shot near Golden Bay in the South Georgia Islands.  This was a magnificent day with blue skies, high winds, great clouds.  The renticular clouds that formed over the mountains, the snow and layered lower level clouds all combine to make an excellent photo.

Happy New Years Eve . . . party well and party safe.

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Iceberg Beauty

Iceberg - Iceberg Graveyard

On one of my trips to Antarctica we visits a place called the Iceberg Graveyard. It was called this because Icebergs would drift into this large bay, ground themselves in the shallow waters and essentially die there. During the process though water would do its thing and erode these monster size pieces of ice into works of nature art. Here’s one shot there. I love the color, shape and sky and added to that the reflection. Enjoy.

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Glowing Landscapes

Bryce Canyon - Bryce National Park

It’s Wednesday morning and my return trip driving from FL to IN starts today. Good music, and a lot of time to think and contemplate will make this a good road trip.  Today’s iamge was hot in Bryce Canyon. I shot this   P45 a few years ago and while everyone was shooting a hill-side I focused on the distance and this si what I got. I love the glow in the image and the feel. Bryce is a cool place to visit but be warned to get the good picture there you need to be up early.


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Peeling Paint

Peeling Paint on Railroad Car

Today’s iamge is a shot I did of a rail car at an old rail yard near Indianapolis. I love peeling paint, rust and such. This is one of those peeling paint shots. It was shot with a P65+ and then worked a bit in Photoshop and on the iPad. Then output for this blog. Just something I was having fun with.


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Rusty Ship - Buenos Aires, Argentina

I am in Naples, FL and it is freezing cold.  What’s that all about?  At least the sun is out. I was in one of my rusty moods today so I present Rusty Ship. This was photographed in Buenos Aires along a dock where there were dozens of abandoned ships. Looks like they just tied them up one day and walked away. I have a lot of nice images shot at this location, so count on seeing more. Everyone that knows me knows I like rusty things. Just a bit of an FYI about this image for the techies out there. There was a rope going across the frame. I removed it using content aware tool in Photoshop then used Nik – Viveza to work the colors a bit. Makes for a nice shot.

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Penguins . . .

Penguins on a mission - Antarctica

Penguins, boy do I have penguins. At one time I honestly could say I had the highest resolution penguin images in the world as I shot this image and many others with the only P65+ at the time to visit Antarctica. These are amazing creatures and over the year and my three visits to Antarctica I have amassed a large library of penguin images. This is a fun shot as three penguins march forward and seem to be on a mission. These are very busy creatures. They always have something to do and they seem focused on getting the task done.  This was shot with a P65+ and 75-150mm lens. The detail in this image is amazing as you can zoom in and see the crystals in the snow. I’ll publish more penguin images over time.

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One Of My Favorites

Boy On Street, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Merry Christmas . . . Hope you and your families are enjoying a great day.  I am having a good time in Florida with my family. This is one of my favorite images. It encompasses al the things I like about photography – color, geometry, placement of subject and mood. It was photographed on the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina. I enjoy street photography as we know it in the photography world and I’ll share a lot of my street photography as we move forward. This was shot with a Canon 5dII with a 70-300 DF lens. The advantage of this lens is it has a good zoom ratio but is compact. Makes catching a shot like this easy.

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Beauty In Ice

Iceberg Off of Peterman Island, AntarcticaI have had the opportunity to visit Antarctica three times. I am amazed by icebergs. They are here today and gone tomorrow. Chance are pretty good that the images I take of these beauties are the only ones there are. Every iceberg is different and I’ll post more over time so you can see. Today’s image is a shot of an iceberg close-up. I love the whole vein looking thing going on here. It’s almost like a painting but so complex. And, the color – where does nature come up with such pretty blues.

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Statue Of Liberty

New York, New York - Statue Of Liberty

Okay, there is this technique called HDR – High Dynamic Range imaging and it can be cool but overdone.  But it is fun.  This is a shot from a series I did in Las Vegas using HDR techniques. It is obvious what it is and it photography with a Canon 5dII at New York, NY Hotel. Then I messed with it doing HDR and then once it was in my gallery on the iPhone I played with it some more to make this shot. It’s all about having fun using the tools a photographer has today.