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About Kevin

It’s all about the passion . . . the passion of photography and the beauty of the world that I get an opportunity to see and capture with my camera.  I have been doing photography since I was 12 and since that first day and up to today and I am sure tomorrow, I find myself consumed with taking and making great photographs.

My history runs deep and I have progressed though many stages of photography in my lifetime.  I had studios in the Philadelphia area, I worked for one of the premier color labs in the country and I was a big part of the digital revolution that has enveloped photography today.  Today I am publisher of Luminous-landscape one of the most visited web sites on the world wide web for photo pros and enthusiasts. Previously for 13 years I worked for Phase One a very progressive camera company making the finest cameras in the world.  My job allows me to work with photographers from around the globe and to photograph in some of the most beautiful places there are.  I am blessed with a job I love and many firends I have made along the way.

I won’t leave out the fact that I am a father of three fine grown young men.  They make me smile every time I think of them. And, let me not forget my cat Pixel. She is an incredible animal with a huge heart.  It’s funny too because a lot of photographer friends know Pixel and ask how she is doing before asking me.

Please enjoy my blog.  I will attempt to make daily postings of images that I am taking and working on as well as articles that may help you and others improve their technique.  Feedback is always welcome.


You can reach me at

14 thoughts on “About Kevin

  1. Hi Kevin. Good job on the web/blogsite. You have some interesting images. Pan Head Billy and your treatment of the image is arresting and artistic. Hope to see you at some future PODAS or other workshop next year. Regards, Scott

  2. Very nice blog site. It will be fun to share your journey.


  3. Nice Picture! You have an amazing career.

  4. Kev,
    Sometimes I can’t believe you’re the same guy from 7th grade I saw try to put out a fire with a garden hose.
    Still doing the same thing and still lovin it-congratulations.
    Although I no longer lug your camera equipment up Cadillac Mountain,
    here’s to long term friendships.

  5. These are fantastic, Kevin. Can’t wait to see more.

  6. Really great stuff. I’ve saved almost all of your photographs as they are just breathtaking.

    Please keep posting content!!🙂

    Best of luck.

  7. Hi Kevin,
    We’d like to request permission to use your photo of Alabama Jack’s in Key West. We will print your full name and a link to your blog under the photo.
    Please let us know if we can reprint it for our next issue of Travel Savvy. Here’s a link to one of my past projects:


  8. Kevin,
    Woody told me tonight
    that you’re going to be in town this weekend. I’m looking
    forward to sharing some old stories.

  9. Hi there Why don’t you ever visit Africa….we shoot here too! Phase one too!

  10. Hello Kevin,

    Enjoy reading your articles. Am currently trying to get up to speed with the Fuji XT-1.
    Some time ago you mention you would be writing about your experiences with the XT-1, will that be coming anytime soon?
    The Jpeg from that camera are amazing, never before used anything but Raw. However once I find a Raw converter that does justices to Fuji files I would like to continue using Raw as well as the Jpegs.

    Dave Abramson

  11. Hi Kevin,
    FYI. The Clicking Here link on the about page is dead.

  12. Hi Kevin,

    I just started following you on Facebook. FYI, the Clicking Here link on the About page is dead.


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