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Gold Leaf Indianapolis

The pandemic has slowed us down from going out and photographing as we used to.  Travel has been extremely curtailed and as such, I have been looking for new ways to expand my photographic art.

A number of years ago, a great friend who sadly has passed away showed me some prints he had made using gold leaf.  He learned this technique from Dab Burkholder, who is one of the best photo instructors I have met.  Thus, I saw a workshop online where Dan was teaching this technique.  I signed up for it, bought his kit, took the class, and quickly became addicted.  I now have over 100 images I have gilded, as it is called.  The procedure is a bit of work but the end result is many times unpredictable, but always satisfying.  I will feature all my gilded images in the near future with an album I am doing, but for now, please enjoy this 9×12 inch gold leaf photograph of downtown Indianapolis.

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Moonrise Over Antarctica

On a trip to Antarctica a few years ago we were sailing in a channel between two large mountains photographing feeding humpback whales.  It was a wonderful evening with photo opportunities of the starboard and port bows.  I was at the stern of the ship and heard a lot of shouts coming from the bow.  Something must be happening.  A few seconds later, as we moved forward, we got the glimpse of the moon rising next to this mountain.  The sky was pink, magenta and the snow had a special color to it.  It was a great look, and I got great shots.  You know it’s good when the captain of the ship comes out and turns the ship in a circle so he can take a picture with his point and shoot.

A month ago from this post I revisited my images.  I loved this shot and decided I needed to see it in BW.  Thus, I worked on the BW conversion.  This is what I got.  I tuned it for dark sky’s and subtle grays.  It kind of reminds me of an Ansel Adams photo.

Hope you like it.

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The Rock Stars Of Iceland

Iceland is a land of beauty in so many ways.  One of the special things is the horses in Iceland. They are unique to Iceland and they are just plain cool.  They are sturdy little horses that can put up with the harshest weather.  Their tales and mains are long and flowing.  You see horses all over Iceland and if you stop and visit with them, they will come right up to you and show signs of affection, especially if you have an apple or carrot in your pocket.

You cannot import any horses into Iceland.  If you export an Iceland horse that is fine, but that horse and/or offspring will not be allowed back into Iceland.  They are doing their best to keep the breed pure.