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A Different Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon is an amazing natural wonder.  I have been there a number of times and have taken some really fine images.  However, I like to try and be different.  So, on my last visit I spent time looking for angles and photos unlike what I had done before.  I was successful and this is one of many I came away with. It’s one thing to see the shot it is another to be there when the light is right, so it took a few visits at different times of the day.

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I love looking for abstracts and one place I found a lot is in Las Vegas and its old neon signs.  The secret to getting interesting photos like this is keeping your eyes out for. good shot and see it in a small frame of the overall image.  I call this a picture in the picture.  This means that the big overall shot is most likely nice, but the tight close up shot is another good shot and part of the big one.

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Tiny Worlds – Toronto

I ws testing out the Fuji GFX50 camera in Toronto this past fall.  I took one of the shots made outside my hotel window of the Toronto City Hall and turned into a Tiny Planet circular image.  I did this by importing the image from my computer into Photos and then editing it on my iPad and then exporting it back to my computer.  Sounds like a bit of work but it was real simple.

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Big Train In Oregon

Sometimes it’s not always the landscape that I shoot.  i enjoy photographing many things.  While in Oregon along the Columbia River we re we shooting the river and fall colors.  I hear the horn of a train and luckily we were position below a set of train tracks that run along the river.   I set myself up wanting to see how well continuous autofocus on my camera works and prepare for the train I heard coming.  In about a minute this giant mile long train come rushing by.  This is the shot I like the best.  Low angle and fills the frame just right.  Ends up making. pretty cool image.

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Bryce Sunrise

It’s been several years since I had been to Bryce Canyon National Park.  I visited Bryve back in the fall and just now I’m really getting a chnce to edit and work my images.  I like to photograph Bryce with long lenses.  I have done way too many postcard shots of Bryce.  So, I set my tripod up and put on a 100-400mm lens on my Sony a7r III and started to search through the viewfinder.  The landscape would change as the sun would rise and shadows and light would dance.  It was  great and I had a chance to make some real nice expsoures.  This is one of them.

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Greenland Immensity

I was going through the images from my trip last August and came across this one.  I like this image as it really sums a lot up about Greenland.  Large rock walls, icebergs and bits of humanity.  The sailboat and iceberg against the solid towering rock walls makes a great shot.  I printed this image to 17×22 inches and will be hanging it in my office.