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Classic Zion

Classic Zion

Classic Zion

A few weeks ago I was in Zion National Park shooting images that will be used in an upcoming video article on the Olympus EM1 and the Fuji XT1.  This is the classic shot for Zion.  Every National PArk has a spot like this.  At sunset you can’t even get a spot on the bridge where this was taken as there are usually dozens of photographers.  In any case I had fun shooting this and working the image to what I present here.

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Fall Color In Zion

Fall Colors In Zion National Park  2011

Fall Colors In Zion National Park 2011

Zion National PArk is a small park in comparison to some others but a lot of beautiful sights are tucked away inside this unusual location.  I thought since fall colors are almost upon us that i would post a fall colors in Zion image.  This was made about 2 years ago in the first week on November.  The park just turns a beautiful color and no matter where you aim your camera you get a good shot.

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The Wall

Zion National Park, The Wall

This is one of the canyon walls in Zion National Park.  Amazing colors and growth.  I love Zion as there is so much to shoot and it is such a small park. As I said in a previous post I have a number of Zion images that will be seeing some attention. This was shot early November a few years ago. Shot with a Phase One P65+ it has amazing micro detail. The big print of this image is just gorgeous.

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More Zion

Zion National Park in the fall

The last week in October and first week in November is a great time to visit Zion National Park. The colors are changing, the weather is great and the light is beautiful. I have been working on some of my older files and the last few evenings I have been doing Zion images. So expect more. This was shot with a P45+ and a Phase One camera.

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Zion Offers So Much

Zion National PArk

Zion National Park, a short drive (sort of) from LasVegas is such a wonderful place to visit.  I usually go in the fall, winter and spring.  At these times you can drive in the park.  During the summer you must take a bus.  There are many good walk and vistas.  One part of the park is a valley with large canyon walls and very pretty and another part is carved sandstone and almost desert like.  A must see trip.  This image was made right after you go through the tunnel from the valley part.  Park the car and take a hike.  Lots of great shots like this are available.

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Zion Color

Tree in Zion National Park

One of the prettiest places to visit in the fall is Zion National Park.  The colors there as the season changes are incredible.  Zion is a small park but offers a lot of diversity in photography.  After October 31st the park opens to cars and then you can explore and stop and shoot images like the one above.  This was shot with a Phase One P65+.