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Tango In Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a fun city to visit.  I sometimes stop and spend a day in the city on my way to Antarctica.  It can be a dangerous place too.  In the tourist area, there are a lot of street vendors all trying to get your money.  Tango dancers are probably the most fun though.  There is usually a couple and they do some amazing tango dancing.  Then they spot you and if you are a male the girl comes to you and the guy goes towards the male.  They show you the steps and how easy it is to tango (not).   Then they ask for money. Of course, you pay it over and hopefully, your friends have taken a shot of you doing your dance.  This photo is of the girl waiting for her partner to finish so they can find their next customer.  As a street photographer travel in a group, watch your back, don’t carry a lot of gear and you’ll find a rich environment for great images.

Tango in Buenos Aires

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Having Fun In Santa Barbara

This past week I was off the grid at an event held by Sony. The evnt was for thepress like myself to preview two new lenses the 12-24 and the 16-35mm.  Both are outsanding lenses.  I also tried out the 100-400mm.  The shots below were made with the 70-200mm and shot on the new a9 camera.  I loved the opportunity to shoot a model.  I used Capture One and a number of layers to get the look of the final image.

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A Visit With Ed Burtynsky

Discussing new technology – 3D Printing

I had the honor this week to spend a day with one of the photographers whose work I admire most, Edward Burtynsky of Toronto. Ed’s work is truly amazing and he allowed Luminous-Landscape to visit his studio and do an extended multi-part video interview with him. His photography is about the landscape that has been changed and touched by man. The discussion and his photography are inspiring. We look forward to sharing this video as soon as we have it edited. It will be released in chapters. I’ll post here when it is available.

On the set with Ed Burtynsky and me.
Ed is pioneering 3D printing. This is both of us discussing a 3D model made from hundreds of photos of an Elephant Tusk Pile. We’ll have coverage of this on our upcoming video.

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Chicago Skyline

Chicago Skyline

This a pano I did a few years ago of the Chicago Skyline from a jetty at the beach where all the Volleyball games are held. The original was printed to be 8 feet long. Shot with a Phase One IQ 180 you can see details like people standing in windows.  I did this by determining the proper exposure by doing some trial shots.  Then I placed the camera on the tripod for vertical photos.  I then shot 10 images.  The camera movement was from left to right and had about 30% overlap per frame.  When I got back home I loaded these into Capture One and processed and adjusted the images and then made sure each had the same settings.  Then I opened them in Photoshop.  I had Capture One output full-size tiffs.  These were then stitched in Photoshop using Photomerge.  I printed the print using 24-inch roll paper so the height is 24 inches and the length was almost 8 feet.

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Me Having fun

Kevin Raber on S. Georgia Island with King Penguins

First, my apologies for not posting more photos and posts in general lately.  Things have been moving at a fast pace on many fronts and a number of other projects took priority.  Things are now getting a bit more manageable and I will try to get these posts back up to being posted on a more regular basis.  Today’s photo is me having fun.  This was shot on S. Georgia Island as part of our S. Georgia – Antarctica Photo Workshop trip last November.  It’s an incredible feeling to be with wildlife and especially penguins in such an amazing environment.  I feel truly blessed.  Thank you, Debra (my wife) for catching this magic moment.  I am so happy you were able to be part of the adventure.