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50 Years

I graduated in 1972 from Radnor High School. This year is our 50th reunion—fifty Fxxxing years. I never thought I would make it this far. I went back for the 40th reunion and had a blast. I took Debra with me, and she got to meet all my old friends and visit the firehouse I worked out of. Radnor Fire Company in Wayne, PA, was the first fire company in America to have a motorized fire truck. I was a firefighter, Fireman of the year, and assistant chief during my many years there. Those years were some of the finest in my life. While we were there, I went on a nostalgic ride on the 1954 Mack, Wayne 2. This truck was there when I joined in 1972 and then was sold to a fire company in Vermont. The Radnor Fire Company repurchased it and restored it. It’s a genuine fire truck. Noisy, open cab was what fire trucks were all about. My friends there took the truck out while I was there. Debra got to ride in the cab, and I rode on the back step with Don Wood, a past chief and my Physics teacher in high school. Oh what fun that ride was.

The reunion was fun as I caught up with many old friends. But, showing Debra, where I grew up and sharing my experiences, were excellent. We go back this August for the 50th reunion, and I am sure I’ll have some great photos from that trip.