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Made It To China

Boat Bow - Ushuia, Argentina

Internet seems kind of spotty so who knows what I will be able to post.  Arrived in China after very long plane rife.  Met up some fellow Phase One team members and then crashed.  So here I am in a  nice hotel overlooking a very Rainy Beijing.  It will be a packed day today with lots of meetings, interviews and presentations as I promote PODAS workshops to the China market.  Should be fun.  I’ll report back as often as I can.

Today’s image was made in Ushuia a stopping off point to th Antarctica.  Saw this boat on the beach and shot in real tight on the bow.

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Boys, Buenos Aires, Argentina

I am packed and ready tho fly and a long flight I have ahead of me.  I’ll be in China for the next 10 days promoting Phase One’s PODAS workshops.  I have a full schedule and will visit a number of areas in China.  As internet connections permit I’ll blog images taken on the trip.  I love travel but not the flights.  This trip is a series on three flights the last one nearly 17 hours long.  I have loaded my ipad with books and movies so hopefully when not sleeping I can stay occupied.

Today’s image was taken in Buenos Aires and has been a favorite of mine for years.  You can read a lot into it.

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Man in San Miguel

Man in San Miguel, Mexico

So, the last few days I have been publishing people shots.  I love walking the streets of new cities and catching the flavor both in the graphics and scenes of the city but also the people.  This shot was made in San Manguiel Mexico during a wonderful two hour walk.  I love this place so much that I will host a workshop through PODAS there in January.  The lighting filtering through the trees just made this work not to mention the expression and face.  I leave for a multi city CHina tour on Tuesday.  while I have lots of Phase One business to do there, I am hoping for some street shooting as well as seeing some of Chinas magnificent sights.  I’ll publish when I can.

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Tango Girl

Tango Girl, La Boca, Buenos Aires

There is a lot to like about Buenos Aires.  It is a city of color, intrigue, danger and some pretty cool people.  In the La Boca area of the city is a charming colorful section of shops and homes.  Mostly made of corrugated tin.  On the streets there are couples that grab tourists and tango with them, for a price of course.  everyone has their hand out for the dollar.  So, while enjoying this area photographically I saw this girl waiting for her next dance.  I loved the image because of the leg and head and the way they looked.   I took the images made with a Canon 5dII and put it in my iPad and manipulated it using a great new program called snapseed.  I will post another image tomorrow from the same area.

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Stand Pipes

Standpipes, Broad Ripple, Indianapolis, IN

A photographer I very much admire is Jay Maisel.  He is a typical tough New Yorker who has been shooting images forever and does so everyday.  You never and I mean never see Jay without a camera on his shoulder.  He finds a shot on the streets, in stores and anywhere he goes.  He never has the excuse I can come back and shoot it later or I’ll get next or I wish I had a camera.  His work is amazing and his philosophy towards photography inspiring.  So, why the rambling?  Because this is a classic case of seeing something and grabbing it.  These are just plain standpipes in Broad ripple are of Indy.  I saw the color, contrast and sun and had to shoot it and I let my shadow become part of the shot too.  I like the design of the shot.  Messed around with it a bit on the iPad and here is my image.  Enjoy.

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Death Valley Storm

Storm In Valley, Near Death Valley and BeattyOne thing you can count on in Death Valley is a variety of weather.  You can be on one side of the mountains and it can be claar and on the other side you can rain and snow.  This was shot made traveling between Beatty and death Valley and these storms were just coming across the planes.  I like the pattern and slight backlighting of the rain coming down.

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Old Gas Station

Gas Pump, Skamania, Washington

One of the things I love to do when visiting a new location is just to drive a dn look around and see what can be found.  Near Skamania, Washington I found an old repair shop and shot a ton of pictures there, some of which I have already posted on this blog.  Today is another of a gas pump of all things.  I love the old red pump and junk around it.  Shot with a GH2 and enhances a bit on my iPad with a few different apps.  Kind of cool.

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Another People Shot

A good friend commented to me yesterday how much she liked my Irish man photo.  She said I should photograph more people and show them on my blog.  So, I’ll try to show more people pictures.  This image is a fisherman from Newfoundland.  I did a few years ago but it is a nice images and a great face.  I got to thinking that I will do better at taking pictures of people.