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The Danish Royal Guard

Danish Royal Guard, Copenhagen, Denmark

Well I am back from Denmark and editing images and doing a lot of catch up on a lot of different things.  I leave again on Thursday so I have lots to do.  Because of my recent shoulder surgery I still can’t  lift anything heavy so I was restricted to iPhone images on this trip.  I shot with the iPhone, then with PhotoStream part of the NEW IOS5 of Apple the images showed up on all my other devices,  I then edited the images on my iPad. This is one image from a whole bunch that you will see in coming weeks.  This was done at the queens house in Copenhagen.

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Land Of The Little Mermaid

Little Mermaid, Copenhagen, Denmark

Sorry for the lack of posts this week.  I am in Denmark the land of the little mermaid.  It has been a very busy week at Phase One.  I have been in non-stop meetings plus helping with Chinese visitors.  All in all a very positive week with a plan for the next few years for PODAs and some other great things.  I start home on Saturday and look forward to getting back.  This will be short lived though as I prepare to leave gain on Thursday for ten days in Death Valley leading PODAS photography workshop there for Chinese photographers.  Once I am domestic I’ll try to post on a regular basis.  So, I am back.  enjoy this shot.  Taken on a very foggy morning in Copenhagen on Thursday.

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The Harvest

Harvesters, Palouse Area Washington State

On my recent trip to the Palouse of Washington state I came back with a ton of great images.  I’ll rave about that area for a long time but it is truly a special place to photograph.  This shot was done after driving along a ridge on a giant wheat field.  here we found two harvesters dumping their load of fresh cut grain.  I just like the mechanical and natural landscape all wrapped up in one shot.


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Vegas Color

Las Vegas - Neon Boneyard

Las Vegas is a great city and there is so much there it can overwhelm your senses.  Once a year on one of my many trips there I visit the Neon Boneyard and have fun shooting images there.  This is one I did playing with color and angles.  Sometimes it is just good to go out and use the viewfinder to put a frame around something and explore through the viewfinder.  When you see something that works (like this) you shoot the shot.


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The Rock

The Race Track - Death Valley

In two weeks I’ll be leading a PODAS workshop into Death Valley with photographers from China.  This will be a great experience to share with them the beauty of what Death Valley can offer photographically as well making some new friends.  The language differences should make for some challenges teaching but we think we have that worked out.  There are so many cool things to see and shoot in Death Valley.  This will be a great trip.  The image above was made with an IQ180 in Death Valley this past spring at what is know as the Race Track.  Fascinating place where rocks move and leave trails behind them.  No one has ever seen them move or know exactly how they move.  What ever the reason it makes great shooting.

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Big Blue

Big Blue

Got cold here today (chilly) but none the less I thought ice.  So, it’s iceberg picture time.  Another image from thousands that I have of ice and cold in Antarctica.  This was a beautiful blue iceberg that slipped into a bay where our ship was anchored.  we did a Zodiac cruise around it and I shot a number of angles.  I like this low angle and the deep blue.  Shot with a Phase One P65+ and a 28mm lens hand held.

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Zion Color

Tree in Zion National Park

One of the prettiest places to visit in the fall is Zion National Park.  The colors there as the season changes are incredible.  Zion is a small park but offers a lot of diversity in photography.  After October 31st the park opens to cars and then you can explore and stop and shoot images like the one above.  This was shot with a Phase One P65+.