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Starry Iceberg


Starry Nighy
Starry Night


A little fun with Antarctica images.  With all the isolation that we are taking part in as a world, I have been playing a lot with images and third party programs.  One program that has my interest right now is Skylum – Luminar.   There are all sorts of cool things this program does and one of them si AI Sky Replacement.  So, I decided to try and put a starry image to replace the sky and this is what I came up with.  It seems, kind of like cheating but it is fun and the images are pretty cool.   Whether you are a fan of this or not it is fun to see what technology allows us to do.

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Escalator Fun


While at the Harpa Opera House in Reykjavik, Iceland my friend Steve Gosling and I spent some time shooting various things.  In a previous post, I shared my building abstracts.  Today I share some images from a spot I found and I photographed people on or near the escalator in the Opera House.  I shot these with the Sony RX100 vii and converted them to BW images. They were RAW files and I made adjustments to them in Capture One.  These will never be considered art but more on the level of street photography where I document what I see in what is going on around me.  They are different and I do like the one with the person going up the escalator.

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Zion 1

A few months ago I was in Zion National Park.  Zion is one of my favorite parks to photograph in.  It’s also one of the hadrest.  I went the first week of November and was surprised at how crowded the park was.  I understand you don’t even want to visit in the summer.  The only way around the park is by bus.  So, you are the mercy of bus schedules as well as bus stops.  At one time when you could drive a car in the park you could stop at all the great location, work from the car and then move to the next location.

These two shots were shot from the infamous Zion bridge.  I usually avoid the bridge as it is a very iconic photo that I have shot many times.  However, crossing the bridge this time I couldn’t help but see how nice the light was.  It was different. So, I jumped on the bridge found a spot amonst about 40 photogaphers caught my shot and looked behind me to see another.  I walk across the brdge and did another shot.  I followed my rule in the field.  Always be looking around, especially behind you.  Many on the bridge that night did not see the second shot.

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Fill Her Up

First let me apologize for any regular readers that it has been so long since I posted.  I was on a. 3 week plus road trip without any significant internet.  So, now it is catch up time.  This image is the hot air balloon that I’m about to ride in being filled up with hot air.  I’m inside with the flame coming right at me.  Lots of fun.


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Hot Air Ballooning in Sedona

I was recently invited to a Sony event to try out the new Sony a7r III camera.  Quite the camera and full of features to make any photography lust for it.  On the article part of the site you can find some articles on this camera and trip with more coming.  In any case here is a fun photo of me just prior to taking off.

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Having Fun In Santa Barbara

This past week I was off the grid at an event held by Sony. The evnt was for thepress like myself to preview two new lenses the 12-24 and the 16-35mm.  Both are outsanding lenses.  I also tried out the 100-400mm.  The shots below were made with the 70-200mm and shot on the new a9 camera.  I loved the opportunity to shoot a model.  I used Capture One and a number of layers to get the look of the final image.