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You Can See For Miles

You Can See For Miles, near Moab, UT

This is hot from one of the many overlooks in Canyonlands National Park, UT. I love exploring this area and it is only a short trip from Moab. If you hit it right and catch storms in the background, you’ll be blessed with incredible light and clouds. I hit it on a lucky day.  Shot with an IQ camera on a ALPA Camera.


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Slot Canyons – Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon, Page, AZ

This is a shot inside Antelope Canyon. I’ll be leading a workshop to shoot both Upper and Lower Antelope plus 6 other private canyons in November. This was shot with a Phase One IQ camera system. Not to mention it is 80 mega pixels but also it gives an image with incredible Dynamic range that allows all the details in highlights and shadows to be captured. This just can’t be done with a DSLR type camera. I have quite a collection of slot canyon images now.


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Australian Gorge

Ormiston Gorge, Australia Outback

In the outback of Australia near Glen Helen there are a number of gorges.  These are incredible oasis like places where there are streams running into pool like areas with trees and cliffs surrounding them.  This is one of the gorges which I believe is called Ormiston Gorge.  shot with a Phase One IQ16o camera.

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Storms and Ice

Icebergs and a storm, Antarctica

Antarctica when it gets mean is really mean.  Here you can see a storm approaching and giant icebergs in the foreground.  Taking pictures in Antarctica is an amazing experience.  Photo rich environment doesn’t come close.  Dynamic ever changing.  This image was shot with a long lens 200mm on a Canon 5dII.

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The Wall

Zion National Park, The Wall

This is one of the canyon walls in Zion National Park.  Amazing colors and growth.  I love Zion as there is so much to shoot and it is such a small park. As I said in a previous post I have a number of Zion images that will be seeing some attention. This was shot early November a few years ago. Shot with a Phase One P65+ it has amazing micro detail. The big print of this image is just gorgeous.

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Doesn’t Get Much Better

Ernslaw Burn, Before the shot, New Zealand

It’s Saturday and I usually spend a bit of time working on old images, sorting, cataloging etc.. Today I stumbled on this shot and then looked at some of the other images for this shoot. This was made on a New Zealand PODAS photography workshop I lead lead year. I am doing another this December CLCK HERE for info on it. One of the places we visit is Ernslaw Burn and it is only accessible by helicopter. It is truly one of those edge of the planes places. This is a shot of my ALPA with an IQ180 back set up on it about to shoot this massive area. I think we counted a total of 90 plus waterfalls coming off of glaciers a thousand feet high.  You should put it on your bucket list, better yet come with me this December

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Tanks In Antarctica

Tanks In Snow, Antarctica

Hard to believe that in such a pristine place you can find tanks. In antarctica on one of our stops we came across these tanks with aircraft rotary engines in a field near an abandoned US Research base. You must know if you are a regular follower that I have a thing for rust. And, of all places in this snow field I got my full dose.

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Australia Outback

The Bush, Australia Outback

One of the most amazing places I have visited has been the outback in Australia.  When I visited we a place and stayed at a small post called Glen Helen.  From there we ventured off into the bush.  This was hot in the bush as they would say.  I loved the way it turned out in B&W.  The trees are gum trees.  Shot with a Phase One IQ 180.