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We Haven’t Even Left The House Yet

From The Other Balcony

Today has been a busy day of prepping for the upcoming workshop. We have arranged some amazing excursions to where tourists and other folks don’t often go. We have helicopters, ski planes, zodiacs and more arranged. This may be the most photo rich workshop we have ever had. The shot today was taken form the other balcony at the house we are staging from.  This is an amazing country. We watched the weather today turn from a warm sunny day to high winds and rain in less than half an hour and then back. There are the most amazing clouds you have ever seen. Just stunning. Stay tuned for more.


New Zealand Day 1

Sunset - Queenstown, New Zealand

So, I arrived in new Zealand today and picked up the rental car and went to the house we rented for a few days so we can prepare for the PODAS workshop that starts on Wednesday. The house is on the top of a mountain and looks down on Queenstown.   So I unpacked my Phase One back (iq180) and ALPA camera and captured this image. This area is just amazing and I have been told we haven’t even begun to explore the possible locations. I have two weeks of shooting here and after tonight I am anxious to see what is next. So, stay tuned it will be an amazing time here.

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Sailing In Sydney Harbor, Austrailia

This year I missed Thanksgiving in the USA but enjoyed it down under in Austrailia. I am in Sydney now for a few days doing Phase One meetings and such and soon will be heading to New Zealand to lead the PODAS workshop there. I love Austrailia and the people. They are a lot of fun, always in a good mood and very accommodating to guests. On Thanksgiving my friend Bruce took several of us sailing and it is quite fun to sail in Sydney harbor seeing the opera house, sky line and the famous bridge. The shot above shows it all. Stay tuned over the next few weeks for more images from this trip.

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Lonely Fisherman

Newfoundland Fisherman

I love this shot.  This was done off the coast of Newfoundland while out whale watching.  We saw this guy in his dory like fishing boat and it just looked so cool.  I shot a number of images of this.  It was funny because we were not finding whales and we motored up this guy and he pointed in a direction and sure enough we found the whales where he pointed.  He was a crusty rough looking fellow.

Also, The blog may have fewer posts over the next three weeks.  I fly out to Austrailia tonight and then by this weekend to New Zealand to run a PODAS workshop there.  I’l post when I can. if you’d like to follow the workshop.

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Death Valley Sunrise Take 121

Dunes Area Sunrise, Death Valley

Sunrises, what a way to start the day.  The light is so dynamic and ever changing.  On the workshops I lead we get up for sunrises everyday.  No one complains as after a beautiful sunrise your day is a bit different in a very good way.  This one was shot a few weeks ago in Death Valley in the Dunes area.

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Near Moab Utah there are two incredible National Parks, Canyon-lands and Arches.  In Arches there are some incredible views.  This is one of them.  I messed around with it in an program called TOPAZ and turned into a painterly look.  Just something different and it looks cool.

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A Little Color Today

Neon Boneyard, Las Vegas, NV

In only three days I head out for a 21 day trip that will take me to Australia and then New Zealand.  I’ll be leading a photo workshop in New Zealand for PODAS (  So, it has been a busy week prepping all the details for this trip that should yield some fantastic images.  I’ll try to post images here as time and internet connections allow.  Todays image is from the Neon Boneyard in Las Vegas.  It is colorful and arty.  I like the simple composition.  If you visit Las Vegas you need to take  atour of this place.  it is where all the old signs in Vegas go when they die.