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Antarctica 2020

This has been a strange year.  It all began with loads of optimism and has turned out to be something totally surreal.  The Worldwide Pandemic has changed everything.  But, before the Pandemic started I was lucky to get an Antratcia Workshop in and with Art Wolfe and Michael Durr as well as 28 guests.  We took this trip onboard The Magellan Explorer, a brand new ship run by Antarctica 21 the charter company I have been using for years.  Thie trip was an incredible experience and I wrote an article over on with four videos and the trip log for the trip.  With this blog entry, I have included four photos but the article on PXL has a lot more plus the video will blow you away.  You can find the article at Antarctica Workshop Expedition 2020 – February 15-21, 2020.

Please check it out and enjoy the content and think about joining us in November 2021 when we take a 21-day journey to South Georgia Island and Antarctica.  This is the ultimate Antarctica Experience.

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Whale Tail

Whale tail in Antarctica

I have photographed a lot of whales over the years.  One of the coolest things to see is a humpback whale when it dives as its tail comes out of the water for a few seconds and when it does water flows off of it.  This shot I like because of the colors from the setting sun.  It adds color and texture in the reflections of the water.






























































































































































































































































































































































































































































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Whale On The Beach

FB-whale-on-beach_Panorama1-vivOnce again while exploring Iceland you can find amazing things.  This is a whale skeleton that was washed up on the beach last winter.  Since then the only thing that remains are the bones.  This Skelton lies on the edge of the beach with the magnificent mountains in the background.  This image was made with the Phase One XF Camera and the IQ250 digital back.  I shot 5 images in vertical orientation and then stitched the images together in Photoshop.  I intend to make a 44 x 72 inch print of this image in the next week.  The detail in it is amazing.

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Humpbacks and Icebergs

Humpback Whale and Icebergs
Humpback Whale and Icebergs

There is nothing better than being amongst some amazing icebergs and have a whale sighting.  For this image we were cruising in the iceberg graveyard when a humpback surfaces and the image was made even better by the iceberg background.  This is what visiting the Antarctica region is all about.

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Up Close and Personal

Humpback Whale, Newfoundland, Canada

I have had the chance to see a lot of whales through my travels.  Each time is special.  I have a great collection of what I call whale tails.  These are images of the tails of whales as they expose them before a deep dive.  Water pouting off of them and just incredible.  This is a shot of a whale we were real close to in New Foundland.  We were out on a Zodiac looking for whales and whales found us.  I loved the grace of the image and the hump and curve of the whale as it swam next to us.

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Whale Tale

Whale Tale - Antarctica

Every one takes them and I have tons of them.  Each whale tale is special.  It’s an amazing thing to see in person just as a breach is or even when they become very friendly and come within feet of you and poke their heads out of the water.  I love whales and I am amazed and puzzled by them.  This shot was made in Antarctica where I have had some of my best whaling shots.  I played with contrast and a few other things to boost the impact of this image.