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Missing Fun In Antarctic

Well, it looks like it won’t be until 2022 until I can return to Antarctica again.  I found these two photos that I think sum up what a day in Antarctica is all about.  This is my wife Debra having the time of her life.

Dancing in Antarctica. Ocean Nova is in the background.


South Georgia Sky


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Merry Christmas From Debra and Me

Kevin Raber and Debra Fadely – Raber on the Ocean Nova in Antarctica

It has been a good year with moments of great sadness and wonderful happiness.  Life goes on and sometimes we find strength from our losses and sadness.  This was my case this year.  I look forward to 2017.  I am blessed to have a career I love. A wife I am totally in love with and our kids who we are very proud of and love dearly.  This photograph was made by our friend Hans Strand an outstanding photographer from Sweeden who was on our trip to South Georgia Island and Antarctica.  I wish all of my readers a happy holiday and a great new year.