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Slot Canyons

I am really beginning to feel the effects of cabin fever.  I usually travel a few weeks each month when we were normal.  It’s been over 15 months since I last put a foot in an airplane.  I start to travel in June with a 2 week workshop and I can’t even tell you how excited I am to get back out there.  Meanwhile, I can look back at my files and think about the days when I went where ever I wanted whenever I wanted.  These images are from the Slot Canyons in Page, AZ.  They will be from the Upper and Lower Antelope canyons.  The light poking its way into these canyons is so beautiful and has its own way to make these places magical.







Canyon X, Slot Canyons near Page, AZ
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Merry Christmas

Indianapolis, Circle of lights

Merry Christmas from Debra and me.  This has been a strange and difficult year.  It’s one for the record books.  This is a Christmas for us with no family or friends.  Just the two of us, which frankly isn’t too bad.  I haven’t traveled since February, and for me, that is quite unusual.  I have a lot of ground and time to make up for so let’s hope 2021 is a better year than 2020 and I can back on the road and share new photos from my travel.  Please stay safe, and we will all be out of this in the next few months.

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2nd Beach

One of the most photographed beaches in Washington state is the 2nd beach.  This beach is close to Forks, WA and Olympic National Park. There is a small hike on a fairly well-groomed trail to the beach.  Once there you are greet with an incredible scene.  It’s even a better sunset.  be sure to stay until it is dark.  Bring a flashlight so you can find your way back through the forest.  Visit this location several time because each time is different and really incredibly beautiful sunsets.

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Punta Arenas Boat

fishing boat

Prior to taking a flight to Antarctica I usually have a few days to explore Punta Arenas.  There’s a lot to explore in this southern Chile city.  Sometimes I’ll take a taxi and hire the driver to take me to various places and wait for me.  This was made along the waterfront and there were a number of fishing boats hauled out of the water and on blocks.  So, I used a wide-angle lens and had some fun.  It’s not an award-winning image but it was fun to shoot. I added the Orton effect to give it a bit of soft focus.

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Starry Iceberg


Starry Nighy
Starry Night


A little fun with Antarctica images.  With all the isolation that we are taking part in as a world, I have been playing a lot with images and third party programs.  One program that has my interest right now is Skylum – Luminar.   There are all sorts of cool things this program does and one of them si AI Sky Replacement.  So, I decided to try and put a starry image to replace the sky and this is what I came up with.  It seems, kind of like cheating but it is fun and the images are pretty cool.   Whether you are a fan of this or not it is fun to see what technology allows us to do.

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Vegas Lights

Las Vegas, neon boneyard


Las Vegas, the city of lights. I love and hate Vegas. I love it for the photography aspect but just hate the whole fakeness of t.  It is an overdose of the senses.  In any case, I love the lights and photography. A number of years ago I visited The Neon Museum and they collect old Las Vegas signs.  They are marvels of engineering and these signs consisted of hundreds of lights or yards and yards fo neon tubes.  It’s so cool that you can visit a place to see these.  Naturally, I shot hundreds of images.  I looked for the abstract, shadows and light as well as color.  These are four of the images from that visit.

Las Vegas, neon boneyard


Las Vegas, neon boneyard
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Polar Bears Jumping

I presume you may know that I also run workshops to amazing locations all around the world.  You can find these workshops at Rockhopper Workshops.  One of the places we visit is the Arctic and what an amazing place it is.  These two polar bears were photographed on one of my Svalbard workshops a few years ago.  On these workshops, we sometimes drive our small ship deep into the arctic ice and search for polar bears.  We get real close and shut the engines down and drift and if we are lucky polar bears come to us.  This polar bear was photographed from about fifty feet off of the ship.  The bear was jumping from ice flow to ice flow and sometimes even swimming.  These are magnificent animal.s

I still have room on my August 2020 workshop and info can be found at Rockhopper Workshops.  Maybe you’d consider joining us.

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Perfect Palouse Again

If you have been reading this blog for a while you know how much I like the Palouse.  The Palouse is a region in SE Washington state that has beautiful rolling hills.  I June the fields are greener than green and in August they are gold when the harvest takes place.  This image is one of the greener moments.  Photographed from a location I discovered by accident and usually where I shoot sunrises.

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The All Defining Palouse Image

The Palouse is obviously one of my favorite places for photography if you haven’t figured that out.  The image above is of a barn on the main highway leading to Colfax and Pullman.  I have passed this location dozens of times over the last few years and have photographed it just as many.  Many times it is one of the stopping points on my workshops.  This last trip the American flag looked new.  We also stopped at the location when the sky was beyond perfect.  Add to that the wheat was golden and there was a nice green patch thrown in.  It’s kind of the all about Palouse defining image.  It has gotten nearly a 1000 likes on social media and I am just itching to make a print of it.  I might even offer it up as a stock image.  You gotta love the Palouse.