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Punta Arenas Boat

fishing boat

Prior to taking a flight to Antarctica I usually have a few days to explore Punta Arenas.  There’s a lot to explore in this southern Chile city.  Sometimes I’ll take a taxi and hire the driver to take me to various places and wait for me.  This was made along the waterfront and there were a number of fishing boats hauled out of the water and on blocks.  So, I used a wide-angle lens and had some fun.  It’s not an award-winning image but it was fun to shoot. I added the Orton effect to give it a bit of soft focus.

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Boats - Cornwall, UK
Boats – Cornwall, UK

While traveling in Cornwall, UK a few months ago I was trying out and doing a lot of testing with the Olympus OMD E-M1 camera.  At one point we were crossing a river on a ferry and I saw these anchored ships and sailboat.  I thought it would be interesting to shoot with a long lens compressing the background in the shot.  It looked in the end best in Black and White.


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BW Classic From Saugatuck, Michigan

Saugutuck, Michigan

A number of years ago I decided to head out for a weekend adventure up the west coast of Michigan. I thought I would shoot sleepy little villages and lighthouses. As I was driving up the Blue Star Highway I saw this ship off to my left. I stopped and shot it and have been doing so until last Summer when they took the ship to Canada to refurbish it and make it a museum. I also discovered a wonderfully peaceful town there Saugutuck. This is an artsy village with bed and breakfasts places, galleries and a unique charm. Put it on your must visit list.


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Old Boat

Boat At Seattle Maritime Museum

One day while visiting Seattle I decide that everything I shot I would do in HDR.  I also decided to do this technique with the gritty look.  Needed to get it out of my system I suppose.  So, this was shot of an old boat at a maritime museum with three different exposures.  They were then blended in photomatix.

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Big Sailboat

While in San Diego I had the chance to do a lot of photography at a number of different locations. I love shooting by the waterfront and you may remember a photo of sails from a few weeks ago that was taken here. So I concentrated on looking at everything cropped and found a lot of symmetry. I shot this big sailboat that I believe was used in a movie straight on. Interesting lines and perspective here.