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Gems On The Beach

Everyone knows about how beautiful Iceland is.  If there is a god then this is the place on earth where all the art school graduates display their work.  Almost anyplace you int your camera you will find incredible photo opportunities.  I have traveling to Iceland since 2005 and I have still so much to see and discover.

One place that yields new winning images every time I visit is the iceberg beach.  This is a beach not too far from a giant glacier.  The icebergs calving off the glacier float out to sea and then low tide washes them on the beach.  This usually produces under the right conditions hundreds of small icebergs.  It’s heaven for photographers.  These two images I produced in a couple of hours there.  The background also lends to great images and as you can see in these, what I call the Arctic Yellow shines though along with such beautiful clouds.

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Final Iceland Workshop Images


The Iceland 2017 Winter Workshop is over. My apologies for not posting more images while it was taking place. We were shooting non-stop from dawn to sunset, doing dinner and sometimes out looking for Northern Lights. Wasn’t much time at the end of the day. So, here’s the final selects for now. The workshop was fantastic. I am going to do more small group workshops in the future. It allowed us to do so much more. The group was the best and they all had talent and great eyes for composition. The summer workshop is almost sold out so if you want to see Iceland sign up today. I will not be doing any Iceland tours in 2018. Thank you, Daniel Bergmann my friend and the best guide in Iceland.

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Iceland In The Winter – Join Me

Iceland is so beautiful in the winter.  This image was made at Stockness.  It’s different on every visit. I’m leading a workshop there March 20-30. 2017 (this March) and still have room for a few attendees.  I will not be doing a winter workshop there in 2018.  So, jump on board and see Iceland the way it was meant to be seen.  Visit my Rockhopper Workshops for more information.   Guaranteed fun plus amazing photos. Hope to see you there.  If you have any questions, email me.


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Smoking Man In China

I was running a workshop in the southwest part of China and on one of our lunch breaks we stopped at this very rustic restaurant.  When I say rustic, I mean they were killing chickens and then making our lunch.  This part of China was very different from what you see in the east with the big cities.  Even the hotel rooms were rustic and it was freezing cold at night and the only heat was a heating pad under the sheets of the worst bed I ever slept in.  Anyway, back to the image.  After lunch, a few of the guys on the workshop decided it was time for a smoke and they were kind enough to let me shoot a few images.  I liked the light coming in from behind and the way it illuminates the smoke.  They tried to get me to smoke with them but just the second-hand smoke was enough to knock me out.  Interesting experience to say the least. This was shot on an Olympus MK 5 camera.

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Angry Surf

This was a fun shot to do.  We were in Iceland and it was windy and cold.  We visited this location where the surf was just exploding on very rough rocks.  The sun was breaking through the clouds and adding nice color.  I dragged the shutter a bit to emphasize the breaking surf.  While were there one photographer got a bit too cocky and got close to the edge.  A big wave came up and knocked him and his tripod over and almost washed him out with the wave.  I see this kind of thing a lot in Iceland.  Everything from weather to waves is unpredictable in Iceland.  Word to the wise, be careful.