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Death Valley Sunset

I have been to Death Valley at least a dozen times.  Each time is different and I  am always discovering new locations to take photos from.  The shot above was made late one day a few winters ago while on my way back from visiting Bodie.  Bodie is one of the strangest towns you can visit.  A few hours there feels like a day and it’s kind of one of those oddball towns with oddball people.  I highly recommend a visit there.  Anyway on my way back from the visit I came over the mountain and the whole valley had a spectacular set of clouds over it.  And, the sun was going down.  So I drove downhill to a location that gave a clear view of the valley and let the magic happen.  It was like the whole sky was on fire.  I used a wide-angle lens to get as much sky as I could.  The photo below was one of the workshop attendees silhouetted against the sky.

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August 2020
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Gum Trees

Gum Tree
Gum Tree, Australia

There are many things to love about Australia.  I have a lot of fo friends there and have traveled there a number of times.  The landscapes can be really beautiful.  Throughout the centra; part of Australia there are these beautiful gum trees.  These are gorgeous shaped trees with white bark.  As in this picture, the white bark really contrasts with the bluff walls in Orbiston Gorge.

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Orbison Gorge – Australia

orbiston Gorge

I have been to Australia a number of times.  It’s very far away and is a very long plane ride.  However, once you are there you will be treated to a beautiful country.  The people are incredibly friendly and the scenery is very versatile.   This location is near the center of the country.  This is a gorge which there a number of and they are usually in a canyon with water running through them.  I have a few images from this canyon.  One of these is a three-shot pano and the other is a single shot.


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Castle Eilean Donan

Scotland 2012

I have visited Scotland a few times while running photo workshops there.  It’s an amzingly beautiful country with all sorts of photographic surprises.  One plave that I alwasy visit is Castle Eilean Donan.  No matter what time of day you go you can find good shots.  During the day though you may find too many tourists.  I like to shoot at dawn and dusk.  This is one image of the castle I really like.

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Iceland GeoThermals

Geothermal Field, Iceland at Sunset
Geothermal Field, Iceland at Sunset

This is an image made deeper into the Icelandic countryside after a climb up a hill. This is a geothermal field where steam just bubbles out of the ground. You can find these all over Iceland. This image doesn’t give a hint on how bad it smells. A very heavy sulfa smell. Es it looks nice against a sunset. Made with a Phase One P65+.

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Twilight Down South

Sunset - sunrise and iceberg
Sunset – sunrise and iceberg

At certain times of year in Antarctica the days are very long.  There are sunsets that blend into sunrises.  There is color and beauty that you can only see at the bottom of the world.  This is one of those typical sunset – sunrises.  I am so looking forward to visiting there again later this year.  For now it is off to Australia in a few days for what promises to be a great 2 weeks of photography.

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Iceland Geo Thermal Field

Geo Thermal Field, Iceland
Geo Thermal Field, Iceland

I am getting stoked to go back to Iceland in 5 weeks.  So it’s fun to go through all my previous images and see what I have shot before.  This is one image from one of the many geo thermal fields that can be found in Iceland.  They look very unique.  Too bad you can’t smell how bad they are. Like two million rotten eggs.