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Lonely Fisherman

Lone Fisherman

This was made a while back.  I was with my friends Chris, Michael, and a few others on what we call a mancation.  It was in Newfoundland, Canada and we went out for a whale watching tour.  While we found a whale and did get some good images it was this image that I liked the best.  We went by a lone fisherman and it just lined up perfectly for the shot you see here.

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Fishing In Mexico

About 4 years ago my friend Micahel Reichmann and I decided to travel and do a deep Mexico photo adventure.  I mean really deep and we went places that many Americans probably have not gone.  It was scary every now and then.  Most people were very friendly and it gave us a chance to see how special Mexico is in its beautiful landscape possibilities.  These two images were made near an area with a flooded lake and the fishermen were out in drives.  There was a real peace and serenity at this location.  We were fortunate enough to be high up on a hill shooting down so it gave. unique perspective.