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Rusted Whale Oil Tank

whale oil tank in Antarctica

Rust, rust, rust . .  I love rust and especially the rust of Antarctica.  This photo was made on Deception Island in Antarctica.  I have been working on a whole series of rust in Antarctica and it will be part of an upcoming article where I share my different rust images.   I liked this one with the ladder and graffiti.  Funny to see graffiti even in Antarctica. Photographed with a Sony a75iv and 100-400mm zoom lens.

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Nature Reclaims Her World

Life Out Of Rust
Life out of an old rusted train car

Nature has patience.  And, with all my travels I have seen many times how nature reclaims what is here.  Whether it be a Forrest devastated by. fire, an abandoned house or rusty and rotting machines.  Mother nature always wins.  She has immense patience.  In this image, I was walking through a train yeard looking for abstract photo opportunities.  I stopped at this one train car and found this. A small but of a plant of some kind growing in the rusty dust form the boxcar door of this train.  Nature always finds a way.

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Abstract Bow

Abstract svalbard

I am always looking for the picture in the picture.  This is a photo of an old beached boat on a beach in Svalbard.  What I like to od is shoot the picture of the larger subject (the boat) itself then go in close and start to look for new compositions.  Sometimes I use a long lens like the 100-400nn lens.  In this shot, I saw the bow of the ship as it’s own abstract photo.  I moved back a bit and zoomed in with the telephoto lens to compress the image a bit.  Then I shot it.  At first, if you see the images you might not know what it is.  This forces the viewer to stop for a minute to figure it out. Some people may not even figure it out.  I like this subject as it has a lot of things I like, such as rust and peeling paint.  Enjoy.

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Ship Wreck In Punta Arenas

I’m in Punta Arenas now (Jan. 31st) getting ready to fly out to Antarctica for a trip going south of the polar circle.  It’s a great trip and one always full of surprises.  while in Punta Arenas I like to vsit two different areas, the water front and the grave yard.  This was done on the waterfron abouta. mile outside of town.  This ship must have grounded itself there many years ago as each time I come here it is still here.

I shot this iamge from the top of the hill with a long lens to get a tight shot.  I love shooting tight and seeing the world in a different perspective.

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Ladders are cool.  Back in my firefighting days, I was the first to line up to climb ladders.  The 50 foot and 100-foot ladders were the best.  I’m not or maybe when I was younger wasn’t afraid of heights.  I now have a slight fear of heights.  Maybe because I have gotten a tad smarter in my old age. These ladders were shot on Deception Island, Antarctica.  They are attached to what were old Whale Oil tanks.  There is something about the repeatability of pattern and of course the rust that works for me in these images.

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Valparaiso Chile

Valparaiso, Chile . . . Click On The Image to See Larger

On my visits to Santiago, Chile I usually make it a point to arrive a few days early so I can spend a day shooting in Valparaiso.  Valparaiso is a coastal town about 2 hours away from Santiago.  You can hire a car fo the day and take a tour of this city built on a hillside.  The attraction is all the graffiti.  It’s a city of Graffiti art and there are some incredible places to photograph. On my last trip there I had lunch at a small cafe and out the window of the cafe, I saw the scene above.  I love rust and I really liked the story the photograph told.  A lot can be interpreted by viewing this image.  What do you see?

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IMG_1249My iPhone is always with me and so is the great iPhone camera.  I visited a salvage store not too long ago and had a field day taking photos there.  Using the Hipstamatic app I created this one of a bunch of old radiators.  I love the colors and abstract feel.

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Shadow Valley Motors

Shadow Valley Motors in the Palouse
Shadow Valley Motors in the Palouse

As I have stated in previous posts, the Palouse offers many surprises.  This image was made at a place I have been going to for years.  It is known as Shadow Valley Motors and is a collection of old trucks, an old Texaco gas station and more.  These are arranged by a fellow that does this as a hobby.  Funny thing is he doesn’t have an iPhone, computer or even an email address and he says he never thought the place would be a must see for photographers on tours in the Palouse.  I have given him a pile of images I have made at his property over the years.  He’s a cool guy and has even more things he’ll be adding.  I plan to go back to the Palouse in the spring.  This summer’s harvest and my last visit wasn’t the best for pictures.  They have been suffering a terribly hot and dry summer which made them have to harvest the wheat a month early.