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Fishing In Mexico

About 4 years ago my friend Micahel Reichmann and I decided to travel and do a deep Mexico photo adventure.  I mean really deep and we went places that many Americans probably have not gone.  It was scary every now and then.  Most people were very friendly and it gave us a chance to see how special Mexico is in its beautiful landscape possibilities.  These two images were made near an area with a flooded lake and the fishermen were out in drives.  There was a real peace and serenity at this location.  We were fortunate enough to be high up on a hill shooting down so it gave. unique perspective.


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Farm In The Palouse

I’m going to be in the Palouse again from August 10-17th photographing the harvest.  The Palouse region is one of my favorite places to photograph in America.  It’s always different and there are no cliched image locations.  You need to seek out and find the shot.  There are rolling fields of green wheat in the early summer and golden wheat in August.  This photo is of a typical farm and with what I call the Palouse sky.  Always something special.

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A Sunday​ Drive

Down An Indiana Country Road

It was a rainy day and my friend and fellow photographer Rad Drew and I headed out to see what we could find. Many photogrpahers would have looked at the weather and would have said screw it I am staying home. But, not us. We headed north from my home and just started driving. We would get to an area that looked promising and then we would just start driving the backrooads.

This image is one from that day. I shot it with my Fuji XT-2 and then after editing it in Capture One, I imported it into my iPad. There I used Snapseed and enhanced it further with texture and tonality. From there I exported onto my iMac Pro and then into Photoshop where I used Topaz studio and the digital frame adjustment to add teh frame. It may seem like a lot of work but in reality it was pretty quick.

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Palouse Farm

One of my favorite places to photograph in America is the Palouse.  It’s not crowded with tourists and it is all about the landscape and big sky. The landscapes are big and broad and many time can be shot with a long lens like this shot.  As the sun peeks around the clouds interesting shadows are cast and as the sun gets lower at the end of the day you get these beuatiful defining shadows of the gentle rolling hillsides.  I am doing 2 private 4 person workshops there this summer.